Introducing Our New VP of Sales, Derek Smith

It’s with great pride that we welcome the newest addition to our ever-growing team, Derek Smith, sales and business development rockstar formerly at Zagg. Derek, who brought Zagg from $2M in sales in 2007 to $264M in sales today is an asset to our team overseeing our sales and spearheading business development. His role is a fun one as he gets to take ILY into people’s homes focusing on retailers and other distribution channels making it easier for families to get ILY.

Founder, Ilan Abehassera says, “We’re thrilled to have Derek join the Insensi team after a few months getting to know each other. As someone who’s been in the Consumer Electronics in a while, and making wonders for Zagg, Derek will be instrumental in ILY’s success and already proved it in his first few weeks. We are excited to welcome his leadership and knowledge as our VP of Sales.”

Derek developed a wealth of knowledge through experience working in a variety of industries. Some of his career highlights to date include, being recognized as the Distinguished Honor Graduate of his military interrogator class, becoming the first pharmaceutical sales rep in the world to beat Viagra and taking a new mobile device accessories company from $2 million in annual revenue to over $264 million.

Derek shares Insensi’s vision of becoming a great communication hub that goes beyond video calls and messages. He says, “Being able to push pics of your latest family vacation to the ILY screen at your cousins or grandparents will help pull families together and provide an easy & fun way to interact with this new piece of hardware sitting on your kitchen counter. In the future, we’ll be able to add more features/functionality through software to build on the ILY platform.”

As a family man himself, Derek can’t wait to get ILY working in his own home. Especially with a job that requires much travel, ILY will allow him to connect in a way that a plain phone call can’t, putting him one step closer to being home with his kids and grandkids even when he isn’t physically there.

What else should you know about Derek? Here’s what he wants you to know about him. 
• Family is important to me. Bethanie, my wife, and I have 5 kids and we became grandparents 1 year ago — don’t tell Bethanie I told you that ;-)
 • I love great food. I’ve been known to drive an hour or two out of my way for great food in little dives and on occasion I might not be willing to share my dessert.
 • I love traveling, and
 • I love sports. I prefer college sports to the pros and BYU is the team I follow.
 • If I can combine all 4 of the above, I’m a happy man!

We are very excited to have Derek on board. Please help us welcome him to the team!

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