Become a student ambassador with IMAD!

The skills required to build an app are probably some of the most sought after in today’s job market. This skill comes with numerous benefits- an understanding of the latest technology, the opportunity to create an online presence for your ideas, and most importantly, the power to connect with people.

Hasura, in partnership with IIT Madras and NPTEL is conducting an online course on building an app, in 5 weeks! This course is intended mostly at college students and aims to equip them with real world skills of app (web & mobile) development using the technologies of today.

IMAD is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to train the next generation of students graduating from colleges on how to build applications, have the skills to solve local problems themselves, and be ready for what the job markets today are looking for.

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Who are student ambassadors?

The success of an endeavor of this magnitude can be made possible only by enthusiastic and driven people, working side-by-side with the team. IMAD believes that Student Ambassadors will go long way in ensuring the success of the project.

Who are Student Ambassadors? Student Ambassadors are the formal representatives of IMAD to various educational institutes across the country.

We’re looking to student ambassadors from different parts of India to help us spread awareness about the course and reach a target of 100,000 registrations!

What do you have to to as an IMAD student ambassador?

You’ll be expected to take charge of at least 10 colleges in the city. What this means is:

  • Ensure registration from these colleges by engaging with:
student leaders in the college
professors/HODs of relevant courses who can help spread awareness
student groups such a web dev clubs/ college events coordinators
  • Put up posters in colleges (printed copies will be sent to you by IMAD)
  • Circulate online posters via social media/ student email groups and Whatsapp groups

Qualities that we’ll be looking for:

  • extremely proactive, enthusiastic students who are looking to get real experience working on a large scale nation-wide event
  • great spoken and written communication skills in English (preferably also the vernacular of where your university is)
  • held a position of responsibility previously in school/college
  • can reach out to at least 10 colleges in the region
  • active on social media/ maintains a blog

What’s in it for you?

Being the Student Ambassador for your college or region comes with its many perks. Apart from getting an opportunity to work with us at IMAD, you also get to meet new people and get them engaged in course. Making new friends and extending your contact list never hurt. Not to mention, the added popularity. :)

This position will teach you to take responsibility and ownership for your actions; traits which are deeply valued and prized in the world today and will give you the upper hand in any job interview/internship/placement you sit for. You’ll also get a certificate attesting your positive role in IMAD from India’s premier technical institute for education, IIT-Madras via our course instructor Dr. Gaurav Raina.

However, the best part of the deal is that becoming your region’s Student Ambassador for IMAD will also make you eligible for marketing internships with the most happening and successful start-ups and other corporate establishments looking for smart, passionate and experienced people for the job. Now if all this isn’t incentive enough, then we don’t know what is. Come, join us. We’ll be waiting. ☺

How do I become the Student Ambassador?

Apply via this form.

We’ll send you an email if you qualify!