This science fiction writing comes solely from my imagination. Within the plot, I involved the Dragon Ball world, but it has nothing to do with the actual series. Before we begin my story, I will have a glossary with some character description.


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VOID is the core of all creation and the first being/entity in existence. In it resides physical realms, non-physical realms, and VOID realms that are interconnected. The beings of high frequency that populate these realms are advanced mentally, emotionally, spiritually and technologically. They do not harm or project on each other because they are one and can see the unity of all. When a being is titled or addressed with the ending “Vessel Of VOID”, it signifies a being who has become one with the VOID realms and a being in which the entity also called VOID expresses itself through it.

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VOV: A Vessel Of VOID is a title given to beings at the highest level of frequency that are omniscient and reside in the VOID realms.

FVOV: A Fallen Vessel Of VOID is a title given to VOV(s) whose frequency has been lowered to enter into the lower realms.

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The lower realms signifies anything that exists outside of VOID. Example: dimensions, multiverses, universes, galaxies, stars, solar systems, and planets. As well, astral/non-physical planes of being.

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TFO: The False Ones are not VOV, and their origins are hidden, but it is rumored that they came from the non-physical realms of VOID, traveling outside of VOID, into the nothingness, and creating and cultivating the lower realms. These advanced beings are believed to be god(s) by lower realm entities.

FFVOV: False Fallen Vessel Of VOID are false or incomplete versions of the FVOV, created by TFO. They are perceived to be angelic/demonic beings by lower realm entities.

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PROJECT AVOV: A project lead by TFO after their failure with FFVOV. There are two powerful beings that have been created via this project, AOB and ACB. The purpose of this project is to fuse these two artificial beings to create an artificial Vessel(s) Of VOID; a being that becomes a Vessel Of VOID by unnatural ways. The natural way to become a VOV is to exist in VOID and work through challenges to be able to live in the VOID realms, becoming a VOV.

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AOB: AOB is the perfect Artificial Organic Being in which the The False Ones have inserted every possible DNA, ability, powers, etc from the lower realms.

Face: His face doesn’t have any human like details. The images below illustrates

Height: 3 meters tall (image as example):

Arms: His biceps are condensed and tight. His forearms widen out from his elbows to his super big non furry bear-like paws.

Paws: Consists of 6 fingers that are each 9cm wide and 25cm long. The fingers moves like human fingers.

ACB: artificial Conscious Being was created by TFO in a non-physical dimension of the lower realms. It has no physical body, but it can manifest as a dark cloud.

AVOV: artificial Vessels Of VOID is the title given to those who have become a Vessel Of VOID by unnatural means, such as TFO’s project AVOV.

TFO’s project AVOV is a fusion of ACB and AOB. Its physical body is that of AOB, and he uses a cloak to protect himself from any form of attack and to travel through anything (dimension, omniverse, parallel reality, etc)

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AVOV and AOB default head

AVOV’s cloak

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NOTICE: Most of the conversations that are happening in the story aren’t vocal ones. As you can see, the artwork that closely represents AOB and AVOV shows that they lack mouths.

AOB, the artificial organic being, wakes up from its coma on an artificial moon.

AOB (thinking): Whe-where am I? What is this force field around me?! The alarms are going off! Wait, relax, calm down. Remember what happened before. (AOB searches through his deepest memories.) Yes, I am AOB, the most advance organic being in the multiverse. I was put in hibernation so that my evolution would be complete. I REMEMBER!

AOB Checks the database.

AOB (in shock): What?!! It has been million of years that I’ve been asleep!!! There must have been a malfunction!!! Calm down, calm down. I need to deactivate this Field and understand what happened.

Collective Consciousness Thought: Absorb the energy that is being used to power the field.

AOB: Suggestion applied.

AOB absorbs the energy in the entire underground facility and replenishes his body to 30%. The containment machine powers down.


AOB falls down. After a few minutes, his body is now stable and has fully regenerated.

AOB: It seems warping out of this reality isn’t possible right now. I’ll have to resort to an old trick.

Deep purple tentacles start to grow from his back and form a pentagon pattern. From the beginning of the tentacles to their tips, lumps of pulsating energy are coming in waves.

Then, the gateway forms itself, allowing AOB to enter a parallel reality of the satellite. When AOB comes through the other side, his tentacles withdraw into his back, while sucking the residue of energy from the gateway. The tentacles spread through the entire room.

AOB then extends his essence through the entire satellite. With the information he has obtained, he’s made a plan.

AOB: Its seems that a million years ago the gateway to this realm powered down and the TFO couldn’t risk opening a breach through reality without being caught. Hmmm? What was that?!! My sensors are going off! I sensed a PK (plasma-ki, not player killer or anything else) blast approaching the satellite at near light speed!!!

In an urge of survival, AOB slows time 60x beyond light itself, giving him a chance of survival.

Collective Consciousness Thought: It doesn’t seem that the one firing the blast knows of your presence. His reason of annihilating the moon was to stop his pupil from being a great ape. The name of the attacker is Piccolo. The pupil is Gohan. That is all WE/I have to report.

40 seconds later…

AOB: So, how strong have mortals become since my sleep?

AOB reverts time back to normal and casts a crescent shield that takes the moon crushing blow head on without a scratch. AOB is pleased. He slows time again to leave without witnesses.

Then, AOB travels to earth in an instant, ripping time-space with his bare hands and entering in his own creation. A new realm where he can train, meditate, and observe DB Earth from the shadows.

AOB creates a castle similar to Beerus’ planet. He then makes a cushion where he lies down and meditates. While AOB is in a deep state of self-reflection, AOB senses something that shouldn’t be there.

AOB: There is a dormant being within me. But what is it? I do not remember encountering this entity in my life.

With his powers of astral projection, he grabs hold of a subconscious memory that has been hidden away. Then, inside AOB’s essence, a shadowy being awakens.


It physically manifests into a cloak being.

UNKNOWN BEING: MMMM? WHAT IS THIS? UNHHHHHH? YOU!!! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ME?! HAAAA. IT SEEMS NOT. I WILL FORCE IT THAT IS AOB TO REMEMBER IT THAT IS “ ”. (It is silenced because AOB’s subconscious is blocking him from hearing.)

The UNKNOWN BEING engulfs AOB inside a maze of memories. The UB is forcing AOB’s conscious and subconscious (CC is also a part of AOB’s subconscious) to become one.


AOB is now flooding with chaotic (not evil, just over the top) emotions. He is now broken down, becoming subconsciousness and consciousness united.

AOB: Wait! I know you! You are ACB, a creation of TFO that is part of PROJECT AVOV. But there are only two beings created for PROJECT AVOV. My memories are still blurry, but… Oh shoot! YOU’RE NOT DOING THAT! NOOOOO!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO… AAHHHHHHH!!!

ACB starts to unite with AOB. AOB unleashes madness onto his beloved realm; solar volcanoes are being formed and the planet’s essence is releasing cosmic flares into the nothingness of space.

ACB TRIGGERS AOB’s weak point to activate, putting AOB into a calm state. AOB falls to the ground. ACB begins the ritual.


A new creation has awoken. It is AVOV.

AVOV: Unhhhh??? Where am i? What is this? Hmmm, it seems questions shouldn’t be asked now. This realm is in danger of collapsing onto itself. Let’s fix that.

AVOV calms the essence of the realm/planet, bringing it to it’s normal state.

AVOV: Ahhhh. So I am the creation of two powerful beings uniting. I can access their memories, but IT that is AVOV is a different being then them. And what does my title mean by the way? Ohhh… artificial Vessels Of VOID. But if I am a legion of vessels, why am I only one being? I am the unity of all that is interconnected? So I am the unity of all the artificial Vessels Of VOID. I understand. So who are the TFO? Oh, THE FALSE ONES are a community of multi-universe type civilization. They are consciously evolved, but they haven’t reached the highest level. And what are the FFVOV, FVOV, VOV, and VOID? The False Fallen Vessels Of VOID are a false version of the Fallen Vessels Of VOID created by TFO. The Fallen Vessels Of VOID are VOV that must vary their frequency to enter the physical realm and integrate or reintegrate what was forgotten. The Vessels Of VOID is an interconnected unity of beings that reside in the VOID realms that operates as a watcher. VOID is a realm that is perceived to be nothingness, but only its inhabitants can feel and know it for what it truly is. As I know, this realm is the supreme being that expresses itself through VOV, FVOV, and sometimes through FFVOV. What a complex but simple world. AND MY JOB IS TO OBSERVE ALL THAT HAPPENS AND INTERACT WHEN NEEDED. LET’S GET TO IT.

And In an instant, AVOV swiftly slips in between all that exists and puts a watchful eye looking out at the cosmos.



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