#WriterClichés: Desperately Seeking Solitude

Rustic pic, no?

I’m going up north to a remote cabin and holing myself up for over a week. No company, no heat, no running water. Just solitude, and I’m gonna crank out the finishing touches on my two novels.

I lied a little. There will be heat in addition to the fireplace via an electric plug-in model, and as it turns out there will be running water. The pipes froze over the winter, but my dad’s coming up to help me unfreeze them. Because I still need my dad for things like that.

It’s a basic cabin, though, built by my great uncle from scratch. When I was a kid, there was no electricity or running water, but we do have that now. And while I may very well not see anyone once my folks leave, there are other cabins on the lake (when built back in the 50’s, it was one of two). So, if I lose a few toes chopping firewood, someone will hear me scream. Probably.

I’ve downloaded Secret Window and Misery to my tablet, and I’m all set to live out the writerly cliché over Spring Break. Yes. This is how I will be spending Spring Break. At night, it will be in the 20s.

It was a year ago over Spring Break that I first started writing again after a long absence. Two novels in the span of one year is not bad, and I’m proud of myself, but I’m also ready to move on. The edits suggested by the publisher have been going fantastically. I’ve enjoyed writing a little extra into the first book. The title change was hard, but Shadow Fray is growing on me — a lot. The publisher was spot-on in their recommendations, so I feel confident that what I come back with will be even better. That’s the goal. To come back, completed.

The process of isolation will be interesting, though. I am more of an introvert, but part of me wonders if I will go crazy. It’s a possibility. I have a feeling my blog writing is going to see quite the resurgence in about a week. Hopefully I’ll be able to swing over to the local tavern and connect to their wireless while I eat a pizza.

Or, perhaps I’ll reach a creative zenith. Picture long walks in the woods, lake views, and days and nights by a fire. This could be an uplifting experience, a wonderful way to reflect on my progress and plan for the future.

So, it’s a grand experiment. One I’m very much looking forward to, so stay tuned.


Originally published at bradleylloyd.com on March 21, 2016.

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