50% in!

or 50% to go…

In that magic moment when the midnight struck in the night from Sunday to Monday my chariot turned into a pumpkin. Actually I think it was the other way around.

With 14 weeks in and 14 weeks to go I am only 2 to 3 kg away from my race weight. I’ve lost just over 7kg so far. I am back to running. Slowly. My motivation is high. My recovery strategy is finally working. I am getting mentally much stronger. I’m turning from a big round pumpkin in to a race machine. And I’m lovin' it!

I’m not hiding in the kitchen like Cinderella anymore. I’m looking for attention, talking to people, posting on Instagram. And I’m getting noticed. I am definitely feeling 50% ready and not 50% scared of how close Ironman Lanzarote is.

Today me and my friend Bianca went to the London Triathlon Show. We bought her a wetsuit. So now we have matching ones. We tasted some goodies. Listened about food. Talked to people. Saw some new weird stuff and went on a massive bouncy castle/ obstacle course. I loved being there, I felt like I belonged. Me and my friend, we are real triAthletes! Get ready, IM and IM70.3. We’re coming for you!