Number one

Living up to expectations

Too many times in my line of work I have to convince people to belie in themselves, help them see the success not failure, focus on achievement.

I have 3 things that make me feel like I can continue when it gets tough. I like telling people about it, but I never felt like bragging about it.

Recently I was talking with a friend of mine. I was on a low. Not being able to run felt like a big step back in my training. Iron Dream felt far and impossible. I told her about those 3 things and how they motivate me and my attitude towards it. Her answer was not what I expected, but then again she’s more of an athlete than me. And her tip helped.

So here now I will bragg about my achievements and rub it in your face. 😉 Because I am helping myself only 50%. Telling you that I’m proud of something but then telling you humbly how I got there, and it really doesn’t count, is just not doing it for me anymore. It is not that I am mean. But I need a performance boost!

I am Number 1 Latvian in my age group for IM 70.3

I have qualified and will attend IM 70.3 Word Championship in Chattanooga this year

I am AWA bronze athlete for IM. It means I’m in top 10% of my age group in the World

So here’s to happy training! I might not make it to the podium, but I will always be a winner!