Sometimes we get caught up in things, start to feel sorry for ourselves, find million excuses.

Last week was recovery week. Less to do but so much going on. Busy at work and elsewhere. I squeezed in all but one session, but with no feel of satisfaction.

What are your excuses? We went to a Christmas concert. Phil from my tri club plays in a brass band and works, and does triathlons. I only have to work and train. He’s real inspiration to me! He’s done the Monster Tri this year too.

Sunday saw us head to the Richmond Park for a few laps. Beautiful day with some frost. A lot of Santas.

And there was the last kick I needed. I was overtaken by people. I’m not talking about the fit boys and girls that just fly around. I’m talking about your ordinary cyclist with a heavy bike. I’m not a world class pro, but I love my cycling and like to think of myself as a reasonably good at it.

Last weeks indulgences, lack of sleep, motivation and feeling of “I’ve already done so many bad things…one more won’t hurt” left me sitting and doing my research on Sunday.

I need a plan. I can’t just slowly do things. It needs to be a quick cut, pulling off that plaster. Sat down with my training plan. Put together my diet plan. I’m now ready to kick ass. I will be an Ironman in May. I need to start to think and act like one. This mornings black coffee not latte and 800m swimm TT set me straigt. 14:02:22. Baseline set!

Onwards and upwards!

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