Sometimes just to tick it off

Getting things done

With just over 50 days to go I found myself in a really bad spot. I got ill. I started to feel unwell in the morning. Early afternoon I was in bed. By nightfall I was burning up. It was Thursday.

By that point I had 2 of my 3 key sessions done. My long swim and my long run. Sunday was supposed to be the day of the brick session — 4:30hrs bike with 5km run after. I knew gym sessions will have to go. Maybe the easy swim. But the brick!

Surprisingly, as quickly as the illness had arived, it left. All Friday and Saturday I was feeling fuzzy. Spaced out. I had to go into work. It was a struggle.

I ended up doing a short swim. I really didn’t enjoy it. I felt heavy. Disoriented. Pool was packed. Even hours later I felt as if my ears were full of water. I was doubtful about the brick on Sunday.

Usually I would wake up and get my long workouts done 1st thing. Out of the way. Can put my feet up in the afternoon.

I changed my tactics. I was supposed to see a client at 1pm so decided to sacrifice my afternoon to training. I slept in. I had protein pancakes for breakfast. (Client cancelled) And then I went. I didn’t enjoy the ride much as I wasn’t feeling strong, but the weather was beautiful and made up for that.

And when I got home, my lovely boyfriend came running with me and it made it all okay. For me. He almost died. Furthest he has run in ages.

So that’s me. Ticking workouts off as I go along and venture into sub 50 days to go till Ironman Lanzarote…

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