Why Being Girly Is a Good Thing

Kristen Bell
Jun 14, 2016 · 3 min read

There are many people in this great world who think women are not equal to men. And, I realize this may be a flammable opinion, but I would have to agree. My singular view through the looking glass has led me to believe that we are not the same. Should we have equal power? Yes. Should we earn equal wages? Yes. Should our voices be heard at equal volume? Hell yes.

But does X=Y, or in this case, x chromosome = y chromosome? I have to say no. There are differences — inherent and unwavering differences. For the majority of the human timeline, these differences were openly viewed as female weaknesses; creating a chasm between men and women. And though that view has been quieted, it has not disappeared. There are echoes of it everywhere you look. My question is who decided these differences were weak?

Why is being “girly” a negative adjective?

I’d like to add my voice to so many who have chosen to flip the narrative and see these disparities as beautiful, unconquerable and inspiring.

I don’t like to paint any picture with a wide brush, mainly because I’m a terrible artist and a wide brush makes it difficult to stay in the lines. Yes, obviously the painting in said metaphor is a paint-by-number. But whether it’s nature, nurture, labels, or all of the above, there are certain traits that are traditionally associated with being a female. We are often called sensitive, emotional and non-confrontational. Hey ladies, guess what? These all go into the “pro” column!

Our sensitivity and empathy gives us a comprehensive awareness.

They allow us to be generous in both material and spirit, because we can gauge our needs and the needs of others. Being non-confrontational doesn’t mean we are unable to address conflict. It simply means we approach resolution in a different manner. Females often battle discourse with calmness, flexibility and a quiet resolve. This leads to outward thinking and compromise. We are also intuitive, nurturing and have been praised for harboring a “female intuition”. Well, my intuition is telling me that if we encourage women to embrace these very things that make us unique, there are truly no boundaries.

Please don’t mistake this as me saying every woman fits into a certain box or that every female experience is shared. I wouldn’t dare belittle the species to that level of homogeneity. I am, however, saying that every woman brings something to the table that only she can. This ever-long journey toward equality demands that we, as females, actually embrace our inequalities and value them as superpowers.

As we approach a very exciting time in history, I am hopeful that the future holds wider thinking, power through inclusion and a generosity of spirit. You know, all things girly.

At the United State of Women Summit on June 14, some of the world’s boldest thinkers on women and girls’ issues will tackle tough questions about gender equity and economic empowerment. Tune in to watch the live stream.

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