IMMLA is targeting to surpass Maersk in blockchain-based services

Jul 12, 2017 · 3 min read
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On 12th of July IMMLA announced the launch date of the blockchain-based online service for contracting the delivery of cargo. According to IMMLA management’s estimations, the service’s launch into the market will happen earlier than that of Maersk’s services based on blockchain.

IMMLA is planning to launch real third party transportations using smart-contracts based on Ethereum blockchain as early as in the first quarter of 2018. Thanks to readymade solutions in process automation on the ERP level, IMMLA is planning to surpass such market giant as Maersk, for whom transportation using blockchain still remains private development.

In October 2016 the Maersk together with IBM declared their intention to implement a supply chain management system based on blockchain. More over, in September 2016 they did a pilot test of the new concept, however, nothing has been confirmed with regards to further developments in this field.

In order to finance the IMMLA project, during the first round ICO the team will offer its crypto coins IML that account to around $500,000. This round will begin very soon — on 15th July 2017. In the course of ICO, which will happen from 15th September to 15th October 2017, IMMLA will offer its investors crypto coins totalling up to $12.1 million.

The Immla service is based on the IT solution Logismart. It belongs to one of the IMMLA consortium members which at the moment demonstrates its effectiveness in several dozen multinational logistic corporations. To this date, on the basis of this core product, annually tens of thousands of TEU-s are transported, serviced and supported both in terms of legal issues and document workflow. Competency and expertise of the team both in logistic business and IT is extremely high in order to be able to foresee all the possible risks.

IMMLA timeline entails quite prompt releases of both prototypes and already working versions. We are oriented to observe the balance of interests of investors, for which the speedy launch of a service using IML tokens is important.

“International freight forwarding market is annually estimated at approximately 200 million teu’s (twenty-foot equivalent unit). Thus, the goal of 1–2% market share 5 years after the full-scale launch, constitutes roughly 3 million teu’s (to date, it is an approximate volume provided by the DHL company). Our estimations show that high quality service for around 8000 multimodal international transportations daily, including all the possible deviations from an ideal process, will be the minimum performance level that we will be able to provide over this time horizon”, — claims the founder of the IMMLA consortium Mikhail Astakhov.

The consortium on the development of IMMLA platform includes the Formag company (subsidiary of Global Transport Investments), SBSolution — the developer of top ERP-systems for multimodal industry, and the experts of a leading logistics giant Hellman Worldwide Logistics.

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