IMMLA official announcement

Since IMMLA Board in August’2017 approved the changes in market strategy according to the China marked, which was announced in official IMMLA medias, IMMLA made the relevant changes in parameters of ICO.

Because of such changes the total supply of IML tokens was increased.

Since such changes may have effect to make the share of pre-ico investors less in total volume of tokens than it was announced in White Paper v.1., IMMLA suggests to pre-ICO investors buyback programm on the ICO token price to fix theirs pre-ICO special benefit 43%.

This programm will be realized in the case if the volume of tokens sold on ICO will be more than volume announced in WP V.1.

Those pre-ICO investors who doesn’t agree with IMMLA market and ICO strategies should send their wallets numbers till the 22th of September, 2017, to the official IMMLA e-mail:

Since 23.09.2017 00:00 pm the buyback programm window will be closed.

Thank you for staying with IMMLA.

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