IMMLA official announcement to the community and investors

Oct 14, 2017 · 2 min read

Dear supporters!

We very appreciate your support and contribution to our project.

Our team make all the best during ICO and are working hard to reach the soft-cap until the deadline. At the same time, we understand that there may be barriers that we will not be able to overcome before October 15.

Therefore, in advance we notify our community of the following:

1) Whether the soft-cap is reached during the current token sale or not, IMMLA team continues to work on the development of the product;

2) Regardless of the soft-cap being collected within this ICO or not, we announce in advance our intention to conduct additional rounds of ICO from now to the next two quarters, including both public and private placement; Participants of Pre-ICO and ICO campaign that take part in next round will receive 10% bonus tokens in expense of immla team tokens;

3) IMMLA ensures that there won’t be any changes of the maximum tokens supply. The volume of tokens will remain the same as its stated in WP 2.0;

4) IMMLA guarantees that all obligations given to Pre-ICO investors to compensate their shares in case of exceeding the tokens issue stated in WP 1.0 will be fulfilled during further rounds;

5) IMMLA will fulfill its obligations to Bounty participants;

6) In case the soft-cap is not reached during the current tokensale, all ICO-investors will receive their investments back in accordance to the smart contract;

Stay with IMMLA. We need your faith in our common project, its necessity, and our common success regardless of all obstacles and barriers.

Stay immling!


Michael Astakhov, Viacheslav Neunyvakin, Vitaliy Stepanov and all other members of hard working IMMLA team


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We are developing a multimodal deliveries service with decentralized control system for transportation, document flow and payments through blockchain.

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