IMMLA started its Pre-ICO 2.0

Oct 16, 2017 · 2 min read

IMMLA started Pre-ICO 2.0 on October 15, 2017.

Pre-sale will last until November 3, 2017.

It’s planned to raise 600 Eths during Pre-ICO 2.0.

“In order to raise the pace gained in the last 4 months and strengthen the negotiating positions with private placement by investors, IMMLA intends to hold an additional limited PreICO 2.0 round”, — Mikhail Astakhov, IMMLA co-founder said.

During the Pre-ICO 2.0, the placement price will include a 43% bonus to the ICO price, and special conditions will be provided for those who invested during the Pre-ICO and ICO — bonus in 10% of the tokens. More of that contributors in Pre-ICO will receive 10% bonus (plus to their tokens bought during Pre-ICO 1.0). These bonuses will be paid at the expense of IMMLA team tokens (43% bonus — instantly, 10% — after the end of the round).

To provide a possibility for the investors of ICO and Pre-ICO invest in Pre-ICO first we’ll hold silence period until 00:00 (UTC + 3) October 18, 2017. After that time IMMLA will relaunch its marketing activity.

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We are developing a multimodal deliveries service with decentralized control system for transportation, document flow and payments through blockchain.

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