August Newsletter!

The all-new website is now live at We’re excited about the launch of our entirely new website. The new site is loaded with new content, including downloadable brochures, links to some of our video blogs and much more.

Our goal with the new site was to design something that fit our corporate culture. We’re not part of some bland, multi-national corporation; we’re a close knit group of professionals who share a passion for pad printing methods, machines and materials.

The new site is easier to navigate, and offers you, our most important resource, better access to information about us, TOSH, and pad printing in general.

Check it out today.

World’s Most Advanced Pad Printing System

The TOSH Cartesio is, without a doubt, the world’s most advance pad printing system.

The Cartesio comes in small, medium and large platforms, with the capability to print dozens of images, in up to ten colors, in multiple axes onto even the most complex geometries.

The video below was taken in May at TOSH’s exhibit at PLAST ‘15, the Italian plastics industry’s version of our NPE Show. In the video the machine is dry cycling to demonstrate how a ski boot could be printed using 8 different pads on top, back and on both sides within a single cycle, all in 30 seconds!

Do you know of a product with extremely complex geometry that you’re currently printing in multiple set-ups, using multiple machines? Tell us about it. We’re confident that with TOSH, we can deliver a significantly more efficient solution.

Micro 90 Features Video

Are you struggling through simple, every-day pad printing applications with some antiquated pneumatic machine that isn’t user-friendly?

Maybe it’s time to upgrade. Check out our smallest offering: Micro 90.

Spend 15 minutes with Trent Pepicelli as he takes you on a virtual tour of the Micro 90's standard features.

The Micro 90, like all TOSH machines, can be configured as a self-standing machine capable of printing 1–2 colors with a multitude of optional part conveying as well as integrated pre- and post-treatment accessories.

Upgrade time is here. Click the photo or Contact Us for an offer.

Best regards,Trent Pepicelli
Innovative Marking Systems

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