Piuni is a technology company growing at a very fast rate more than people's’ expectations. It seamlessly takes care of over 600 networks without any hassle. It boast of handling payment more than any Banking body.

While you ponder ‘How’s that possible?’ let me discuss with you how you can sign up into the business, see and experience the aforementioned facts.

Firstly, I advise you to use Mozilla Firefox while registering or transacting on Piuni’s platform in order to avoid any issues. After following the instruction, get the registration link from whoever referred you to the Piuni business.

In this tutorials, I’ll be using numbers and Boxes to illustrate what I’m discussing with you. So, let’s begging!

When you type the referral link in the address bar, it takes you the home page like the one below.

Click on Box 1 which is the ‘Join’ button to enter the page where you’ll choose what partnership you want to have with Piuni.

This button will take you to a page like this:

Now, let me explain each of the Boxes with their numbers

To register as an affiliate, choose Box 2 and to begin registration by click on Box 3; ‘Enrol Now button’

To register as an agent, choose Box 4 and to begin registration by click on Box 5; ‘Create an Account button’

To register as a customer, choose Box 6 and to begin registration by click on Box 7; ‘Create an Account button’

What I chose for this tutorial is the Affiliate category. I’ll start by explaining each of the Boxes and their numbers in the signup form.

Box 8 shows the name of your upline (the person who referred you)

Box 9 (Package) show the kinds of package you can choose from. This depends on the money you’ve paid. If you’ve paid N63,000, you’ll choose Pro Pack ($100), but if you’ve paid N243,000, you’ll choose the Premium pack ($500).

Box 9 (Product) depends on the package you choose in Box 9 (Package). If you choose Pro pack ($100), you must choose VTS (10 Vouchers each with value of $2), but if you choose Premium Pack ($500), you must choose VTS (40 Vouchers each with value of $2).


Be very careful with what you choose in these Boxes because Box 9 (Packages) indicates your Airtime float reserve while Box 9 (Products) indicates your free CV i.e. free airtime which can be sent/sold to family and friends as a proof that you’re in the best business that works.

Box 10 contains your contact information which must be filled correctly.

In Box 11, you must choose a unique user name which has not been taken. Here, I advise you to be smart in choosing a username. Don’t choose a username that will scare prospect from joining your team.

Box 12 & 13 indicates a portion for your back office password and its repetition.

Box 14 & 15 indicates a portion for the password for any transaction made in your back office.


I advise you use a strong password and that which you can remember for both the back office and transaction. It is better to use different passwords for back office and transaction. This is advisable because if someone has access to your back office, he/she won’t has access to making any transaction.

Check all Boxes in Box 16, but make sure you read the terms and conditions, consent to electronic records, Privacy Policies and Policies and Procedures. They’re important!

Click Box 17; ‘Submit Box’ to submit.

What shows in Box 18 depends on what you choose in Box 9 (Packages). Read the two (2) captions on the images below. They’ve said it all.

When you choose Affiliate Package. Box B changes as you choose any package in Box A
When you choose Premium Package. Box B changes as you choose any package in Box A

You can choose Box 19 ‘Ewallet Payment Mode’ if you want your sponsor to pay for you.

You can choose Box 20 ‘Epin Payment Mode’ if you have already paid and have received the activation pin. This payment mode is ideal for new members coming into the business.

After following the above mentioned instruction, you’ll find yourself in a page that looks like the image bellow if you choose Box 20 as your payment mode.

Enter your received pin into Box 21 and click Box 22.

If you choose Box 19 as your payment mode, you’ll find a page like the image below. Mind you, only your sponsor can take it from there.

These are the steps involved while joining the Piuni business. I hope you’ll understand everything, but if you have any issue comment below and I’ll response as soon as possible.

God bless our hustle…