Of course I would, the joke is at the expense of Putin not whoever the fake Putin is pretending to…
Kain Warwick

Oh, it wasn’t me! It was just this persona I’m using to dog whistle everyone that will respond well to lazy otherising of a group that it has been en vogue to shit on. I would *never* say such a thing myself of course! I just *fully control* the persona, message, and text; but it isn’t *me*. Do you see the problem here?

You seem to have missed that both Putin AND Millennials are the target of this post. It’s not an either/or.

Even in the persona, the message is embedded that the only people that would be NeverHillary people would be Millennials. In my experience; that’s not who I’ve been hearing it from.

You and I both know that Samantha is better than this. This was lazy, and counterproductive. Taking on a persona isn’t a blank check.

Let’s put all of that aside for a minute though. This whole piece comes from a place where the only person trying to influence anything is Putin. You know it’s possible for Putin *and* the DNC to be wrong here right? Of course Putin is basically a monster and the DNC is just badly broken. Nuance and degree matter, of course. The underlying message however, is “Don’t be mad at the system, be mad at Putin”. That’s pretty disingenuous. It’s like saying you shouldn’t want to make America better because there are parts of the world that are waaaay worse. It’s specious.

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