Cuomo Must Demand A Thorough Investigation of the Accusations against Jeff Klein

Once again we are looking to Governor Cuomo for leadership.

In light of the accusations of sexual assault made against IDC leader Jeff Klein, Indivisible Nation BK stands with Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins in demanding that Governor Cuomo immediately call for an independent investigation into Klein’s conduct.

Senate Majority Leader Flanagan’s decision to not investigate this serious allegation is shameful. Meanwhile, the senate Ethics Committee is compromised by the three of Klein’s fellow IDC members within its’ ranks.

We believe it is now up to the Governor to follow through on the promises he made to the women of New York in his State of the State address to confront sexual harassment and assault in state government. If he truly intends to champion women’s rights and safety in the workplace, he must demand an investigation of Klein’s conduct today. To delay is to be complicit.

At the conclusion of such an investigation, if the allegations against Senator Klein are proven credible, we will demand his resignation and expect Governor Cuomo to do the same.