Governor Cuomo: You’re Too Late.

To Governor Cuomo,

We are not appeased by the unity deal you have brokered between the IDC (Independent Democratic Conference) and Senate Democratic caucus led by Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

All throughout 2017, we met in person with your deputies again and again, protested outside your office, and organized calling and letter-writing campaigns, all to demand that you bring the IDC back into the fold so we could pass progressive legislation in 2018. If you had listened to us then and brokered this very same deal, there would have been no unified grassroots campaign to unseat the IDC in November. We would not have come together with dozens of other groups across the state to endorse candidates challenging the IDC. If you had listened to us then, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins would have been included in budget negotiations and we might have passed bail reform, renewable energy goals, ethics reform, early voting, or the RHA as part of this year’s budget.

But you didn’t listen to us. Instead you waited.

You waited to call special elections for eleven — that’s right eleven — Assembly and Senate vacancies, leaving almost two million New Yorkers without representation so that elections would be held after the budget cycle. You waited to call special elections for two Senate seats that could have tipped the balance of power toward Democrats before budget negotiations concluded. You waited until after this year’s budget was safely behind you to finally, after years of tacit support, push the IDC to rejoin the Democratic conference. You waited until just before primary season with no guarantees of what comes next.

Make no mistake, we are thrilled to see the IDC disbanded.

But it’s too little, too late.


Indivisible Nation BK