E-farmerce Platform Creating Digital Opportunities for Indian Farmers Through Virtual Reality

Farm Associates is introducing next-generation agri marketplace through the planned launch of www.abc.farm (an e-farmerce platform), that is being designed to enable farmers to sell their produce online. Use of this technology will create better future for their farms, and go beyond the limitations of traditional agri commerce.

The e-farmerce platform is bound to bring change and revolutionize how agriculture produce is grown, priced and sold, and will showcase how virtual reality can be leveraged to solve complex challenges in the global food and agribusiness, which is worth$5 trillion.

Our mission is to help small and marginal farmers with data-driven agriculture, who grows 70 percent of the world’s food, and to help them find new markets and boost their farm income.

The e-farmerce platform is expected to take over the existing agricultural marketing sector. The technology will facilitate improved access to market-related information and help the farmer get better prices for the produce, which is the need of the hour. Farmers will have access to a greater number of buyers across the India, through transparent auction/bidding/buying processes.

Lack of reliable information is the most frustrating obstacle in unlocking the true potential of agriculture. Data has become the buzz word for businesses in any sector and agriculture is no exception. Collecting accurate and micro level data of farm lands remains the hardest challenge. The e-farmerce platform has processes and procedures to gather millions of data points on crop varieties, soil quality, pesticide usage, productivity and weather conditions. By aggregating this data at the international/national level, farmers can make informed decisions about agricultural produce and practices that will help yield the highest output and maximize profits.

While farmers are attuned to traditional knowledge and technology to cultivate and sell their agricultural produce, the e-farmerce platform is going to be a breakthrough in the sense that it will digitalize data in ways that promise to transform agriculture into a sustainable enterprise that meets the projected mid-century food demand of 9 billion people.

About Farm Associates:

Farm Associates is an agtech startup with the vision to create a unified and transparent marketplace for farmers through the e-farmerce platform. For more information, visit: http://www.abc.farm


Media Contact: 
Karthik Ravisankar
Farm Associates