Becoming a mom changes life forever. It is a challenge that makes us to discover new things, grow stronger and wiser, solve problems, and celebrate all important milestones. I cannot be any more happy and grateful to have such a beautiful baby girl in my life.

After getting pregnant I was overwhelmingly glad and a bit worried as well because I had to figure out how to start managing my entrepreneurial goals and personal life at the same time. Of course, I knew that I wanted to be committed and always be there for my baby, but I did not want to permanently become stay-at-home mum neither. Although I do admire all full-time mums who stay home as that is obviously one of the hardest jobs ever. Nevertheless, I did not want to lose myself and become less ambitious after the baby is born. I wanted to stay determined and proactive as always.

Today when my gorgeous Isabel is 5 months old, I see that the time with her has inspired me, made me more creative and a better time planner. On the other hand, time off work has brought me more clarity, given me time to digest new ideas and plan future. I now further new dreams on top of my old ones, and I value the time even more than before. Becoming a mum has really made me a better version of myself. I now see that there was no need to worry at all because people do not really change — we are what we are. I have been enjoying my new life that has been so special, but I also care about working and making a difference out there. I now have so much more love and excitement inside me that I want to share it with everybody.

It is not the time to leave to full-time work but I can start putting some of my ideas and customers’ requests into action, so, I have decided to design KiRiVOO Baby organic baby clothing line. And KiRiVOO´s feminine and chic new collection by Liisi Tui is on its way too. ;)

Give and life gives back to you! Family is life´s greatest blessing.

Photo by Hele-Mai Alamaa for the magazine “Pere ja Kodu”, November 2017
Photo by Hele-Mai Alamaa for the magazine “Pere ja Kodu”, November 2017

Heartwarming Choice by I.K-S

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Ines Karu-Salo @ineskarusalo is an entrepreneur & sustainable lifestyle lover. HC is all about little things that matter & how to do better. Founder of KiRiVOO.

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