How to Market Music Using Social Media

It’s absolutely “Ludacris” the number of people who still say there’s no money in music anymore.

Take a look around and see how many artists have been able to jump on the national/international scene and make profits because of social media like Snapchat and YouTube. Some of the artists like Tori Kelly and the phenomenon we know today as Beiber may have never been able to get so much as a listen in the early 2000's.

If making and performing music is truly the artists’ passion, then it’s all about getting the opportunity to do just that. The reality is that it’s even more possible now to be a full-time music entrepreneur making 40, 50, 60k a year from music sales on SoundCloud or Beatport, and finally do only what you love doing — making music. No back and forth with power hungry label execs, just a legitimate career.

Advice For Musicians Starting Out On Social Media

Here’s a few tips for musicians on social media attempting to grow exposure and build awareness around their work of art. Your audience exists, it’s your job to get yourself in front of the eyes and ears of that audience. With that said, you’re making a huge mistake right now if you’re not on Snapchat, Vine, Instagram and SoundCloud. This is where the attention of every average 20 or 30 something exists, if you’re not pushing out content here, more than likely you don’t exist to them.

But it’s not good enough to just put out content everywhere. It’s not good enough to make some vines, and then throw your music up on DistroKid and wait for the sales to roll in.

If you want something with longevity you have to turn your customers into raving fans. Create a community around what they believe in. When they purchase your music, they do so to say something about themselves — help them do so. Once you do so, the leverage is yours and follows various ways to monetize. Brands are going to pay for music. Live events will need to be filled and continue to be profitable as well.

The Khaled “Fan Luv” Phenomenon

If you want to make enough to ball out as a musician in the music business, you need to do more and care more about your audience. You need to start doing things for your fans. Call it community engagement, exclusive access, call it whatever you want, but things like Facebook Live and Snapchat are where it’s at if you want to build a following. I mean let’s just look at Facebook Live. Right now people are just kind of turning on the live stream at their desks, or in their kitchens and just… talking. It’s nice, but could you imagine doing it as an artist? Showcasing sneak peak FB Live concerts for your most engaged fans. Bringing them into the studio to listen to you putting the finishing touches on your latest song?

You’ll have fans for life! It’s all about access for your community. Once they love you, it’s easy to sell them your stuff.

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