Top 10 Free Online Courses: Statistics & Data Analysis 2015

There are now more online learning options than ever available, including many courses which you can take entirely for free. Whether you want to prepare for your upcoming university course, you need to pick up some extra skills to help with your job, or you are just interested in a subject and want to learn more, there will be an online course which you can take to help you achieve your goals.

Today we’re covering 10 of the best free online courses in statistics and data analysis. We’ve previously covered statistical software which you might need, and back in 2013 we shared a list of free online courses. Today we’re sharing an updated list of free courses from which you can learn and statistics and data analysis.

1. Data Analysis and Statistical Inference

2. Intro to Statistics

3. Statistical Learning

4. Introduction to R

5. Statistics: The Science of Decisions

  • Link:
  • Course Provider: San Jose State University / Udacity
  • Duration: Self Paced; approximately 4 months
  • Background needed: Basic understanding of proportions (fractions, decimals, and percentages), negative numbers, basic algebra (solving equations), and exponents and square roots.

6. Introduction to Probability Theory

7. Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics

8. Foundations of Data Analysis — Part 1: Statistics Using R

9. Learning from Data

10. The Caltech-JPL Summer School on Big Data Analytics

  • Link:
  • Course Provider: Caltech-JPL / Coursera
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Background needed: Good programming skills in at least one language, some knowledge of statistics, some experience with scientific data analysis. Suited for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, or other researchers in science and technology fields.

With these courses, you can learn all about statistics and data analysis, and we hope you find them useful!

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