INT Bi-Weekly Report 2019.6.3–6.14

INT Chain
INT Chain
Jun 14 · 5 min read

Keywords in this issue:

Technology: Wallet app internal test, Slow Mist bounty plan, Consensus protocol optimization

Business: INT Chain Internet of Vehicles OBD device Math Wallet, AToken, BitKeep

Operations: INT Chain global ambassador program, Titan plan, INT Chain community committee, INT Chain community partner (western community)

R&D Progress

Current progress

  1. Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain
  • Arranged a reward for the Slow Mist zone ( and continue to check and fix security issues (20%).

2. Perfection of INT wallet and Explorer

  • The mainnet Web wallet continues to optimize and improve. Complete the integration of the referendum system.

Next Step Plan

  • Continue to solve some bugs from SlowMist Zone.

Business Cooperation

Current progress

  • INT Chain Internet of vehicle OBD device

The concept and technology implementation architecture of OBD (Internet of the vehicle) device has been completed, and relevant product descriptions will be released in the near future, and cooperation with hardware manufacturers is also in the docking.

  • Math Wallet / AToken / BitKeep Wallet Cooperation

The INT Chain business development team recently cooperated with the Math Wallet/AToken/BitKeep wallet team. INT Chain together with each team held the first consultation on the docking of the INT Chain mainnet token and the resource sharing and financial ecology construction.

Next Step Plan

  • INT Chain Internet of vehicle OBD device

The product description of the Internet of vehicle OBD device will be released, Meanwhile, determine the final production process and cooperation manufacturers.

Activity operation

Current progress

  • INT Chain Community Partner Program

INT Chain officially released the community partner program on June 5, because outstanding community partners can promote the development of INT Chain community.INT Chain will build many different language western communities through this program. And community partners will establish INT Chain western community and may host Meetup in the future. Since launched, it received great support from the global community. After the review, we are pleased to announce Endeavour8 (Spanish), Artshyyy(French), AxelSega(French), mackegw (German) and johannkepler (Dutch) become our community partners. And more enthusiasts in other languages will join this community partner program.

  • INT Chain official Weibo host an engagement activity with fans of INT Chain on Dragon Boat Festival

On June 4, an engagement activity with fans of INT Chain on Dragon Boat Festival, fans could forward INT Chain’s weibo to win gifts for them. which was actively supported by community members!

  • The Result Announcement of INT Chain wallet app — Smart Wallet logo global contest

Since Smart Wallet logo global contest has been completed, INT Chain officially reviewed and selected 33 logos, and all these 33 logos were posted on the community referendum system(, community members actively participate in voting. Finally, NO.17, NO.32, and NO.3 are Top 3 with 29.81 million votes, 21.72 million votes, and 18.27 million votes respectively. The number of overall votes is more than 52.74 million, and the rewards will be sent within 7 working days.

Next Step Plan

  • INT Chain Community Committee’s Consultation Draft will be officially released

To develop the INT Chain community and enable the community members to participate in community service and management work. At present, the Community Committee’s Consultation draft and other work are being actively prepared. INT Chain will release the community committee’s Consultation draft, and Global community members are also welcome to provide comments and suggestions.

  • INT Chain Promotion as Mining Program will be launched

To further promote INT Chain, Promotion as Mining program will be launched. Medium and individuals from the world are welcome to sign up and receive generous INT rewards through effective promotion.

  • 2019 Ethereum Technology and Applications Conference

From June 29 to June 30, 2019 Ethereum Technology and Applications Conference will be held in Beijing. INT Chain technical team will send representatives to this conference, discussing with technical experts on beacon chain, Layer 2, Casper, PoS, security, zero-knowledge proof, De-Fi, capacity expansion, the new trends and core principles of Plasma, the progress and future trends of Ethereum 2.0, etc. as well as technical practices in smart contract development, Dapp development, blockchain game development, and data storage.

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