Result Announcement of INT Chain “Smart Wallet” APP logo Global Contest

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Jun 11 · 2 min read

INT Chain “Smart Wallet” APP logo Global Contest lasted for one month from May 13 to June 7. And now it ended successfully.

A total of 95 different logos have been received from the global community. After the review by INT Chain Foundation, 33 logos were published for voting.

The referendum system is first officially launched for this vote! You have the right to vote for your favorite Logo with your INT. The votes you have depend on how much INT you hold, (for example you have 1000INT, and then you get 1000 votes).

During the voting period, a total of 52,741,497 votes were cast, and 40, 000 INT is shared by voters. Each voter could get a certain amount INT depending on the ration of his/her votes to total votes. As a result, the highest voter who gets 3505 INT.

Figure1: voting results
Figure2: winners & works

Congratulations to the above winners, and thanks for your support for INT Chain “Smart Wallet” APP logo Global Contest. And the reward will be sent to your INT address within 7 working days.

— INT Chain Foundation

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