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Jun 6 · 4 min read

Q1: How long does token swap take?

A1: It normally takes 7 working days to complete token swap after May 1st.

Q2: Is there no deadline to make the token swap? And are you going to make your wallet compatible with hardware wallets like nanoS, Trezor etc?

A2: Currently, there is no deadline for token swap and hardware wallet compatible is not in our schedule.

Q3: Why does the token swap require private key?

A3: Providing private keys because this is the only way to prove the token belong to the owner, it is verification.

Q4: I would like to swap my ERC-20 INT tokens to INT coins on the mainnet. However, I am not happy to provide the private key of my ETH address. Are there or will there be any alternative way to swap my coins?

A4: When you do the token swap, we need to check if you are the owner, that’s why you have to provide private key to demonstrate. And I have an idea for you, you could send your INT token to a new created ETH wallet which have no other tokens. And do the token swap with this new ETH wallet.

Q5: I have some INT coin in my IMtoken wallet, how do I do to send to Okex exchange?

A5: Okex has completed the token swap. You need to do the token swap first, which you need to do in

Q6: Can I withdrawal INT from INT wallet into My EtherWallet via my Ethereum public address?

A6: Our wallet is no more ERC 20 token, so cannot be transferred to Ethereum wallet.

Q7: I cannot send my erc20 tokens to a new wallet for the swap. I keep getting the transaction error below. Can you help?

A7: You just need to leave a little INT (eg: 0.00001) in the wallet. Then the token swap will be Okay.

Q8: How to make INT token swap from Ledger Nano?

A8: Simple guide for this question

Step 1: Configure the Ledger Nano device

• On the ledger device, navigate to the Ethereum App and open it

• Go to SETTINGS -> BROWSER SUPPORT and make sure it is set to ‘yes’

• Go to SETTINGS -> CONTRACT DATA and make sure it is set to ‘yes’

• Ensure that you have a small amount of ETH in the same address as your INT

Step 2: Transfer INT from Ledger to a temporary ETH wallet

• Create a new ETH wallet using

• Record the public and private keys for this wallet

• Transfer your INT tokens from your Ledger device to this temporary ETH wallet using your new public key

• Transfer a small amount of ETH to your temporary ETH wallet using the same public key

Step 3: Initiate the token swap

• Go to

• Create a new INT wallet using a strong password

• Record the INT wallet public and private key in a safe place and save the keystore file

• Go to

• Enter your temporary ETH wallet private and public keys into the form

• Enter your new INT wallet private and public keys into the form

• Use default values for Gas Price and Gas Limit

• Click the Mapping Button

Step 4: Check your INT wallet

• The mapping process can take up to 7 working days

• After 7 working days go to

• Use your INT wallet public key to check your INT mainnet token balance

Q9: I have been informed that a swap happened to INT but I didn’t t do it. How can I proceed to do the token swap ?

A9: Here is a guide to do the token swap.

Q10: How can I make a withdrawal from the online wallet?
A10: Here is a simple guide to withdrawal.
Step1: Log in
Step2: Access your wallet

Step3: Transfer INT

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:)

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