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As INT 4.0 is gradually improved and officially launched, INT 4.0 will start the recruitment of validator. Any subject and individual who meets the selection requirements can participate in the node election and obtain node rewards.

Application Portal:

Recruitment Guidance

  • INT 4.0 validator recruitment plan will be launched on September 2, 2021, which will be open for long-term;
  • Organizations and individuals who meet the requirements can submit their applications immediately.
  • All submitted node information will be reviewed by INT one by one to prevent malicious nodes from being created.

Validator Conditions

  • (Organization and individual) have basic knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology (e.g. …

R&D Progress

Current progress

Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain

  • The last round of testing of testnet smart contract (100%)
  • Set the total reward time for the mainnet to 5 years
  • Update the mainnet chain id to 2047
  • Fix the bug that the int module lacks common attributes
  • Mainnet launched

Perfection of INT wallet and Explorer

  • Optimizing the mainnet 3.0 Web wallet and add cross-chain bridge function
  • Optimizing mobile wallet
  • Fix the bug that the transaction failed to send on the contact page of the web wallet
  • Fix the bug that the number of votes in the proxy list of the…

Dear INT community:

INT 4.0 was officially launched and running at 18:18 on the 18th of 2021(UTC+8), which is a memorable moment. As of now, INT has officially entered the stage of ecological construction. This is a small victory in a stage, which is a small victory, a challenge, and the beginning of long-term development.

With the launch of Mainnet 4.0, we will release INT’s node migration and token mapping work. More details are shown as follows:

Mainnet 4.0

Compared with the INT 3.0 mainnet, the INT team has upgraded the mainnet 4.0 in the following aspects:

1. Further abstract…

As a media partner of INT, is also one of the top nodes in INT mainnet 3.0. As INT 4.0 is about to be launched, invited Freddy Yin, the head of INT China, to have an in-depth conversation.


Hello Freddy. It’s been 2 years since our last interview, why haven’t you shown up much in the last 2 years? (laugh)


Yes, it has been quite a long time, mainly because the objective environment has been rather complicated in these two years, and the impact of the epidemic is actually quite difficult. …

INT mainnet 4.0 will be launched soon, to better and faster to complete the mapping work, but also to thank every user who has been supporting INT for many years, we are now releasing INT mainnet 4.0 mapping early bird program, for those who participate early can get 0.5% of the benefits within the activity time.

All INT 3.0 mainnet tokens held by INT will also participate in this program, but no earnings will be calculated.

1. Activity period:

August 10, 2021, 18:00 — August 18, 2021, 18:00 (UTC+8)

2. Activity rules:

The total amount of the early bird program is 200 million, and participating users…

R&D Progress

Current progress

Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain

  • Improving the testnet smart contract documents (100%)
  • Preparing INT 4.0 code comments (100%)
  • The last round of testing of testnet smart contract (95%)
  • Fix the bug that the number of votes will only be returned in the next cycle after the cancellation of the proxy
  • Adjust default gas price
  • Fix the bug that the execution reverted error status returned by evm cannot be parsed

Perfection of INT wallet and Explorer

  • Optimizing the mainnet 3.0 Web wallet and add token mapping function
  • Optimizing mobile wallet
  • Optimizing testnet 4.0 explorer
  • Optimizing testnet 4.0…

The Ethernet London network upgrading contains a total of five Ethernet improvement proposals: EIP-1559, EIP-3198, EIP-3529, EIP-3541, and EIP-3554, which help improve the security and scalability of the Ethernet network.

We focus on EIP-1559. EIP-1559 will adjust the current Ethereum mainnet (Eth1) miner fee mechanism. The proposal introduces baseFee (basic fee), which will automatically adjust the Gas Price required for on-chain operations based on the usage of the Ethereum block space, thereby helping wallet service providers and users to easily estimate the cost of operations.

In addition, EIP-1559 adds a new transaction type that allows users to independently set the…

Data acquisition: June 30, 2021- July 31, 2021

Key data: The overall vote is more than 228 million;

The reward has reached 48.98 million INT, an increase of 3.2%

1, The mainnet data

The data of the mainnet grew steadily, the total number of votes exceeded 228 million, and rewards have reached 48.98 million INT.

As for INT mainnet 4.0 approaches, here is a question from the community: “What should I do to migrate my node to INT 4.0? “ This is the guide for you.


Inform your supporters to withdraw votes on your node on INT 3.0, as well as your own votes, dropping you out of validators and the official node will take your place. (at this point the original server should be removed if there is a replacement server)


Collect your INT 3.0 tokens (the minimum quantity is 1 million) and swap them through the swapping tool, …

What is IPBFT?

IPBFT is the consensus algorithm for INT4.0. If you compare a blockchain to a car, the consensus mechanism is the engine that powers the car.

IPBFT is a faster, more scalable, and more secure algorithm

Improving IPBFT is based on PBFT (Practical Byzantine Algorithm):

· Linear communication: IPDBFT achieves linear worst-case communication volume, in contract to PBFT’s O(n⁴)

· Random leader selection: the leader for each round in IPBFT is selected by a verifiable random function (VRF), which protects the leader from predictable attacks.

What is consensus?

The consensus mechanism is the core of distributed technology. In a decentralized environment where there is…


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