Whether Bee or Blossom, there is only Triumph.

This is an open message to incite the will, and to seek support, promotion, and development of creative alternatives.

We are RumbleHive, a guerrilla arts innovation studio. Our work centers around cultural mediations invested in biodiversity, food security, and poverty reduction.

Our current focus, an issue we believe holds significant and connective gravity, is the plight of the European and Asian Honey Bee, which is globally endangered due to modern industrial agriculture practice and the varroa mites disease. We believe that the struggle to survive isn’t theirs alone, as honeybees contribute to to over 90% of the modern world’s nutrition and food supply. In the face of this challenge, we feel we can contribute best by throwing our weight behind efforts to increase ecological awareness, up-skill distressed communities, and support organizations on the front line of the bee crisis. We’ve decided to do something different and we’d like to ask you to join us.

A look across the global scene of bee crisis oriented nonprofits and businesses reveals to us three challenges we’d like to address:

  • the use of competitive funding policies resulting in increased profits for singular organisations and the financial neglect of other organisations proving detrimental to the collective mission to help the bees
  • the confusing education for the general consumer and citizen around the bee crisis and the ineffective how-to’s for individual responsibility and action
  • the fluctuating retention of community involvement due to migration caused by economic instability and unemployment which can be linked to global climate change at large.

In the interests of advancing the collective along the road to localized and ecological structural health and well-being, in solidarity, we wish to offer our services to any and all institutions engaging these struggles.

Over the next 10 months, RumbleHive will be undertaking a collective research investigation to explore existing and identify new or novel opportunities for infrastructures of economic and ecological solidarity. We acknowledge that many organizations are responsibly doing their best to sustain their operations with a generally uninformed public. We also understand most organizations don’t have the budget, time, or skill to invest in sustainable leadership development, or to conduct transformative consumer market research. In this emerging economy, we recognize that success is a consequence of well-performed strategic and technological foresight and well-planned collaborative endeavors.

Our mission is to Guide, Guard, & Mend. It is our philosophy and practice of service as well:


We will operate popular education platform to be implemented at festivals to strengthen community involvement for local bee crisis related organizations and to amplify awareness. This means that by collaborating with RumbleHive an organization can grow and reach an audience or market to sustain it’s endeavors without compromising the mission to save the bee population and related concerns.


We will identify opportunities to increase the sustainability and effectiveness of bee crisis services, processes, and products through consumer research and our bespoke service of “honey diplomacy.”


We will use our design, strategy, innovation, and research talents to create location based experiences that accelerates the dissemination of knowledge, skills, and tools for those on the front lines in service to bees, food, and flowering plants.

Our design endeavor is to develop, support, and promote a community invested in an ecologically informed structural health and wellbeing. We have initially named this community the Rhiver Band. After many discussions, we have agreed that the most ethical and powerful design is an open, inclusive, and transparent one. In order to maintain the structural integrity on which solidarity may be built, we are searching for five thousand people to co-create this community. Why five thousand you ask? Because five thousand creative, dedicated, and informed people around the world can foster an epic triumph in the face of a common despair that paralyses the better part of seven billion. A five thousand strong connected force of bee crisis front-liners demonstrates to the western world an innovation in the practice of contemporary solidarity.

We can’t redesign the decisions and behaviours of the past that contributed to our contemporary propensity for destruction, but we can design for a future that creates more possibilities for collective health and vital nourishment.

And it will take all of us.

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