ICYMI — We’re officially a 501 (c ) (3) Non-Profit!

In case you missed our Patreon post earlier, we have fabulous news!

We were a little excited y’all

UPDATE: After I posted this to Patreon, our determination letter arrived in the mail. It’s legit y’all!

Our About page on ineeddiversegames.net has been updated to reflect our new status. Check it out!

So, funny story. I was calling the IRS about a related question to our application which it turns out they could not actually answer. By the way if you questions about fiscal sponsorship, don’t bother to call the EO line.

BUT, the person I spoke with was nice enough to check the status of our application and she told me it was approved on August 25th. So now I just need to wait for the letter. Who would have thought I’d be excited for an IRS letter, who?

That said we’re now officially, a legit non-profit, tax exempt organization. Big thanks to TM who helped with filing fees and getting the forms into the IRS.

Now I’m gonna go excitedly flail around in between rounds of laundry and travel prep.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported our work, thank you! ❤