If you received spIOEN this is the Polygon chain sIOEN token. Follow the same steps below to stake your tokens.

There’s a high demand for sIOEN tokens, so we wanted to make sure our community knows how to stake the sIOEN token properly. …

Note: psIOEN is the Polygon chain sIOEN token. If you have psIOEN tokens in your wallet this is correct. Read our staking guide here for more information on how to stake sIOEN and psIOEN.

So what is it?

Stakable IOEN (sIOEN) is the specially issued version of the IOEN token that earns 100% APY…

IOEN x Kaizen Finance

to launch IOEN staking, using the world’s first token lifecycle management platform.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Kaizen Finance, to provide immediate access to staking for the IOEN community.

“Partnering with Kaizen Finance enables us to create immediate staking benefits for our earliest supporters. …

Working with Kaizen Finance, we are happy to announce we have an immediate staking mechanism to provide the purchasers of early public sale IOEN tokens instant access to staking and 100% APY for up to 3 months when staked.

Stake your $IOEN!

An IDO with benefits

Working with Kaizen Finance, we are happy…

$IOEN 101

You don’t need solar panels to join the clean energy revolution!

A question we frequently get asked is: “I want to be a part of a virtual microgrid, but I don’t have solar panels or a battery. Can I still participate?”

Well, guess what, you don’t need solar panels or batteries to be a part of an IOEN microgrid, and earn…

IOEN Tokenomics Article

IOEN is the metaverse for energy, a multifaceted system of token flows and interactions, facilitating and encouraging clean energy behavior whilst enabling the creation of virtual microgrids. At the core of the IOEN protocol is the IOEN token, and a series of location-specific microgrid credits called IOEC. …

The story of IOEN’s Real World Application

Product and Traction

The Internet of Energy is not starting from scratch; it has been the vision of Australian startup RedGrid since their inception three years ago. Both RedGrid and IOEN are truly mission-driven; to help cool the planet by using more renewable energy and using energy more intelligently.

How Does This Fit with IOEN?

In Australia, RedGrid’s technology…

The $IOEN IDO will be launching on TrustSwap and TrustPad.


We are glad to announce the IOEN’s IDO with TrustSwap on the 8th October and TrustPad on the 11th October.

“It is literally the internet for the energy systems of the future.” — TrustSwap

More details about whitelisting applications will be shared by each launchpad on Medium. …

Get familiar with the people developing the project.

As early members of our community, you may have started to get to know a few of us through AMAs, videos, and from many of our team members’ history with RedGrid. As you learn more about our team, something that you’ll quickly notice is the diversity of our career backgrounds…

to enhance trust and simplicity in both DeFi and decentralised energy markets.

Internet of Energy Network (IOEN)

tech enables homes anywhere to operate as an intelligent cooperative electricity system, where devices in the network adjust their behaviour to suit local grid needs and the needs of individuals, based on economic incentives.

IOEN’s token model unlocks…

Internet of Energy Network

IOEN is an interconnected system of virtual microgrids that facilitates transactions within & between local energy ecosystems powered by Holochain.

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