Helping mobs into the future — Paulette, A Deadly Person

Paulette Nahow is a dedicated grandmother, who strongly believes in giving back to her community, through community service and helping the future generation. She believes that a good education is not just vital for a good career; a good education can transform lives for generations to come.

Paulette was born in the North Queensland coastal city of Ayr in 1950. She is a Torres Strait Island person from the Kanicka tribe. Growing up there were numerous challenges in her life, however these challenges never corrupted her passion for helping those in her community. One of her greatest life challenges was raising her two children (a boy and girl) by herself; and raising them right, instilling in them the same love and devotion to learning that she had.

Paulette graduated in November 2016 from the Institute of Indigenous Australia with a Certificate III in Community Service. Many of her close friends and family believe Paulette is a loving and caring person, who likes to work with people and aspires to change the lives of the people in her community. Her desire to explore community service work is based on one of her guiding principles, the old adage ‘It’s not what’s on the outside that counts, but what’s on the inside’. Whilst this adage is old, it is often rarely applied, with many Australian’s in the 21st century still holding arcane views of race and poverty when it comes to indigenous communities. Paulette, like many who pursue the community service field hope not only to help their mob, but to smash this old way of viewing the world through education, empathy and experience.

Paulette has felt that studying for her Certificate III in Community Service has been hard but good, not just for her, but for her family. Throughout her studies, her kids have remained a constant source of support and inspiration. She hopes that her studies and new knowledge not only her changes her life, but also positively change the course of destiny for her children, grandchildren and her community.

Her proudest moment in life was watching her children grow up into educated, principled and hard-working adults. She loves seeing the fruits of her teachings planted in her children’s youth, blossom into positive life-changing characteristics, which are now shaping a better life for her children and her grandchildren.

Changing the course of future generations through education was a big motivator for Paulette to study and apply what she has learnt. With a passionate interest in working in remote indigenous communities, she aims to help people by applying what she has learned in her Community Services course. She believes that every indigenous student should try and help the community with their knowledge, so that lives are changed for multiple generations.

“Every student that gets qualified by utilizing Indigenous funding, should put time back into the indigenous community, to help fellow indigenous people. Those of us with the good fortune and means to help others, should work to help our other brothers and sisters out of a cycle of poverty through education and mentorship.” — Paulette Nahow, A Deadly Person

Paulette Nahow is a deadly person who graduated with a Certificate III in Community Services. The Institute of Indigenous Australia offers under Community Services: Certificate II & Certificate III in Community Services and a Diploma in Community Services.

If you want to change the course of your life and improve lives for generations; Study Community Services and become a deadly person!