About ION.

ION’s roots are firmly in print, however we are so much more. Our journey had widened our focus from commercial printer to a partner in marketing fulfilment. Yes we still print — specializing in offset, digital and super sized display format projects and we are able to create complete marketing solutions. We explore a variety of means to enhance your marketing plan and to maximize your Return-On-Investment.

ION can help grow your business using; date driven, digital marketing, drip marketing, unaddressed and addressed mail; email campaigns; display format products and traditional print! Our integrated and automated marketing-print strategies are designed to exceed any of your business goals including increased brand awareness, product distribution, client acquisition, membership growth or to bolster not-for-profit funding.

We would love to help grow your company with an ION campaign. Please visit us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN and send us a message!

ION can also be reached through our website: www.ionprintsolutions.com