Millennial’s + Direct Mail, Explained by ION

Millennial’s and Direct Mail

Is Direct Mail an effective way to reach the next generation?

The answer is YES!

Millennials spend a portion of their day looking at phone and laptop screens, tuned into social media, and living in the digital world. As a result, many businesses believe that digital marketing is the only effective way to target this incredibly important consumer. However, direct mail marketing is actually one of the most viable and proven strategies to target millennials.

A variety of studies have concluded that millennials favor and even enjoy receiving direct mail. A recent survey finding that 38% prefer direct mail pieces. In addition, millennials are more likely than any other generation to read their mail, in great part due to the fact that they actually enjoy receiving mail.

Now add ION

The truth is, Millennials respond to a low-tech marketing approach that’s been around for centuries: Paper in a mailbox. At ION, we start with designing you the proper mailer that suits the message you’re getting out there! These are the ways we harness your brand:

  • Catalogues
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Calendars
  • Coupons
  • Newsletters
  • Membership Cards
  • And Many More!

Once the brand and message are ready to go, we mail them out! At ION, we also operate as an in-house mail service so we not only design the message we also get it out there for you.

Once a Direct Mail campaign has been sent we are able to report back to clients with analytics on how the campaign is performing and keep clients right in the loop!

At the conclusion of the campaign, numbers are reviewed and we start work on campaign #2.

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