In order to thank the majority of voting users for their support of IOSTABC and their holdings of ABCT, IOSTABC will be divided into five phases, and will continue to purchase 500,000 LOL, and together with the official continuous airdrop LOL emoticons, will be airdropped to all ABCT holders.

What is LOL ?

What is ABCT and how to get ?

How Many LOL I can get ?

Number of airdrops per period = your ABCT amount / ABCT total circulation * total air traffic during the current period

The first phase of the airdrop will be conducted on August 25, 2019, will be 100k totally. We will take an ABCT snapshot on August 24 and distribute it according…

Today, IOST announced the launch of iUSD Stablecoin Beta, a stablecoin swap solution with TUSD and USDC. The solution is developed by Rate3, one of IOST’s Servi Nodes, bring ERC-20 liquidity and asset stability into the IOST ecosystem. The iUSD stablecoin uses a frictionless token swap solution that allows IOST users access to the high liquidity of USDC, TUSD and in the future, other ERC-20 stablecoins. It also enables users to seamlessly and reliably transfer value between the IOST network and other blockchain networks, eliminated the problem of liquidity found in many non-ERC-20 stablecoins.

iost block browser:

iost official twitter: iostabc

The IOST Foundation is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Enterprise Singapore, alongside regional blockchain incubator Hashed Venture Labs, to support the growth of blockchain startups and grow the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore. In addition, IOST aims to work with Enterprise Singapore to drive enterprise blockchain adoption and help Singapore MNCs and SMEs unlock the transformational value of distributed ledger technologies.

iost block browser:

iost official twitter: iostabc

Today, the IOST Foundation announced that they have struck a partnership with NEST to develop new applications, use cases and drive greater user adoption in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). NEST is a decentralized financial service protocol that allows developers to conduct application development and launch decentralized financial products on the NEST protocol. To date, NEST’s Ethereum Dapp already has a user amount of over 10,000, with over 3,000 collateral loan contracts and transaction volumes exceeding USD 6 million.

iost block browser:

iost official twitter: iostabc

With the rise of the POS/DPOS consensus mechanism, more and more cryptocurrencies adopt the way of pledge (staking) or voting (voting) to complete the mining (which is token issuing) and community governance. For the average holder of the coin, if you don’t vote or pledge, your coin will be diluted. If you participate, who should you vote for or who should you pledge your coin to? Today we take IOST as an example to explain to you. As a holder, who should you vote for?

Voting channels

IOST has many voting channels, including proxy voting on exchanges and voting on…

IOST is excited to announce the partnership with NeoWorld, bringing IOST Land, a blockchain virtual world built by users, to community members. IOST Land is scheduled to launch on IOST mainnet in early May. NeoWorld is a multiplayer online virtual world based on blockchain technology. In a Unity-powered 3D world, players can purchase land, construct buildings, invest and operate businesses, just like in the real world.

On 25 April 2019, 9pm Beijing time, IOST and the IOST Core Arbitration Community (ICAC) jointly held the IOST Global Nodes Ecosystem Conference. On the conference various Tier 1 Nodes gave introductions and shared about their contributions made to the IOST community. 96 partners from the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, UK, and multiple other countries attended this conference.

The conference was moderated by Margarita from ICAC, an independent organization initiated by IOST Pacific focusing on education and training on community governance.

IOSTABC Official Twitter: iostabc

On April 26, BetHash was officially online according to IOST official twitter. BetHash is a gaming platform using blockchain hash values as the foundation for all games on the platform, in order to guarantee its openness, fairness and verifiability. BlackJack was added to BetHash recently.

Now users can gain Experience Points and even awards by participating in BetHash games or inviting friends to join them. And the BetHash team is running a 1 million IOST giveaway event for IOST community users.

BetHash website:


IOSTABC Twitter:iostabc

IOST Q1 contribution awards were issued on April 25 and are already visible to users who vote on IOSTABC browser and wallet.

IOSTABC blockchain browser:


The first product developed by Team Oasis — OnBlock, is primed for a global launch on 28 April 2019, 2pm Beijing time. OnBlock’s design takes into account the unique characteristics of the blockchain ecosystem and is specifically targeted at solving users’ current pain points. Using OnBlock, users simply require a phone number to use and experience Dapps in the IOST ecosystem. Together with the official release of OnBlock, Endless Game will be the first Dapp to join the OnBlock platform.

On 29 April 2019, 8am Beijing time, Endless Game will be launching a promotional event with OnBlock where participants can stand to win from a huge $IOST prize pool.

Official website:

Twitter: iostabc


IOST tier 1 node and IOST block

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