How to get an IP address in Jamaica?

Ready for some reggae and a Jamaican IP address? Read on, because I am about to tell you how to get an IP address in Jamaica.

You will need an IP address in Jamaica to watch geo-blocked content which is only available to people located in Jamaica. If you try to watch and reach such content from abroad you will get error messages or the content will simply not work, because you will actually need an IP in Jamaica to watch it. So, that is why you are here, because you wonder how to get yourself an IP address in Jamaica.

Get a Jamaican IP Address — Photo by Michael Godwin on Unsplash

Get a local IP address in Jamaica

To get an IP address in Jamaica you should sign up for the services of a VPN provider named HideMyAss. They are a big VPN provider with servers in more than 120 countries worldwide. With one singly subscription you will gain access to all these servers, and you can then download the VPN client and connect to a server in Jamaica, if you want a Jamaican IP address. If you would rather get a German IP address, then you connect to their server in Germany.

The prices are also great, and if you sign up for 12 months the price is only about 6 USD a month for the subscription. With your HideMyAss subscription you can also watch American Netflix abroad, stream Hulu abroad, and so much more.

Go ahead and click the HideMyAss link above and get ready for your IP in Jamaica. If you follow these steps you will be ready surfing with a local IP address in Montego Bay in less than 8 minutes from now.

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