The Role Of Technology In Matters Of Business & National Security

The widespread impact of technology in our present world comes directly from the increase in consumers’ demands which leads to improvement in manufacturing techniques. Technology however, is a product of earlier scientific research which in turn depended on investments, whether by the public or private sectors. To understand and protect against such threats, we need to be able to provide operational advantage through the use of effective investment in Business and the Defense and security technology to access and deliver technology into our future systems and equipment.

As a result of the important role that science and technology plays in supporting our immediate needs and programs, it is necessary to carefully balance this and address our future business capability needs. We also need to ensure that technical capability, infrastructure, and research organizations are still prioritized to retain the ability to develop specific solutions, and maintain credibility.

Every strong, sustainable, and balanced nation should base its policy on technology, equipment, and support for the defense and security sector. Defense and security procurement has a significant industrial and economic impact. The rapid pace of scientific innovation means new technologies are appearing faster than can be incorporated to security matters. Potential new threats, such as cyber attacks expose the national security environment even further. But while addressing these threats might be costly, technology can also offer opportunities to reduce costs while upgrading. Technology and security issues can operate together in the following ways:

  • protecting the ability to evaluate independently the effectiveness of technologies and security equipment
  • working with friendly countries to develop technology, equipment, and support arrangements through workflow automation to meet the mutual defense and security needs of the countries involved.
  • preserving a small but effective group of highly skilled personnel within the defense and security establishment who are capable of acting as intelligent agents for such advanced technologies and support services.
  • retaining those specific capabilities which are essential for the national security within Government research organizations and making use of these organizations in a more coherent way to give the greatest possible scope for technological advancement.
  • working closely with potential suppliers to ensure that they have a full understanding of the future requirements so that they can develop adequate advanced technologies and healthy supply chains.
  • sharing and developing helpful technologies within ally countries.
  • seeking the best and most advanced civilian technology that can be adapted and incorporated into defense and security equipment to provide adequate protection.
  • making the greatest possible use of synthetic training and simulation to reduce the cost of training personnel, particularly when applying advanced technologies.

United States exploit technology advances more rapidly into their capability, and recognizes science and technology is fundamentally based on skills and experience of their IT support in Austin and other cities in the US. Therefore, it is vital to sustain long-term investment in science, technology and engineering skills to support our specialists in industry and within the USA government.