IQT is joining the Bancor Decentralized Liquidity Network, creating an IQTBNT Token Relay

Bancor Protocol ensures IQT continuous liquidity and engagement with the Ethereum token-sphere.

IQT is currently the only successful project in which a top-class quantitative platform has been applied to the block chain space. It is the first to realize one-stop intelligent automatic trading of global financial assets and digital currencies by integrating block chain and smart contract technology with an innovative application of artificial intelligence. The Iquant chain will be used to establish a decentralized, safe, convenient, intelligent and globalized quantitative trading platform which seamlessly connects global digital assets with real financial businesses. Actual financial assets represented by stocks, futures, share options and foreign exchange, as well as the global digital currency represented by BTC and ETH, will be put together, for the first time, for trading on one integrated platform. The Iquant block chain will provide comprehensive, intelligent, simplified and one-stop automatic quantitative trading services for ordinary as well as professional investors around the world.

Iquant Chain has joined an expanding group of pioneering projects integrating the Bancor Protocol to maximize the trading liquidity of IQT tokens sold as part of its successful token sale.

As a result of this protocol integration, holders of the Bancor Network Token (BNT) and any other token on the Bancor Decentralized Liquidity Network (including ETH) will be able to convert their tokens for IQT tokens, and vice versa, instantly and continuously. This technology solves the economic problem known as ‘Double Coincidence of Wants’ — where a seller of a set number of tokens must find buyers wanting the same number of tokens — at the same time — in order for a trade to take place. This is traditionally achieved through matching buyers and sellers in exchanges, and now can be executed automatically, directly on the block chain, thanks to Bancor Protocol smart contract technology.

Bancor’s smart contracts utilize a “connector” token method which will allows IQT tokens to automatically convert to BNT, ETH and any integrated token in the liquidity network, according to an open-source algorithmic pricing mechanism. These conversions take place directly between smart contracts, outside of exchanges. Bancor ran a record-breaking token sale in June, collecting over $150 million for the project in under three hours.

The Iquant Chain company culture promotes win-win incentives to drive maximum impact with every interaction. We believe in the Bancor team, vision and product. This integration will further our intention to create new value for both sides and for all others in the network. Additional exposure through the network and its participants will benefit the IQT community who will also enjoy continuous convertibility and relative price stability.

About Iquant Chain

Iquant Chain, Connecting Global Assets: Currently the only successfully launched project in which world-class quantitative AI is applied to a blockchain-based platform. To learn more please visit us at:

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