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As IQToken went live just a few days ago, many different outlets began to show interest in the platform. IQToken is our solution to internet slow downs. It helps prioritize more important traffic and helps you avoid conflict or problems with internet congestion.

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by Neville Latchman

The recent debate regarding the open Internet, net neutrality, and the FCC regulatory framework has been controversial among policymakers and regulators. Net neutrality is an initiative that champions an open Internet, defined as an Internet “promoting the ability of end-users to access and distribute information and/or run applications and services of their choice.”
The term quality has varying scope depending on the characteristics and elements of the communication system under consideration. The quality of a user’s interaction with services at the human-to-machine interface is appraised by the Quality of Service (QoS) concept. QoS, which comprises the network and…

Net Neutrality is a controversial topic and something I’ve been following since the early 2000’s, when Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) started to gain popularity. I remember being disappointed when the first rules were enacted back around 2005. I’d just finished a VoIP project with a customer and had to explain to them that when using the public Internet, there is no way to guarantee the voice packets will arrive with acceptable latency or even arrive at all. The public Internet is best effort and that just isn’t good enough for a latency and drop sensitive application like voice.


The convergence of technology, innovation, and events makes the time for IQToken now

by Nathan Helfrey

As I undertake this journey of starting a company that focuses on two of my passions in life, Networking and Blockchain, I wanted to take some time to write some of my thoughts on how this project is even possible and what problems are solved.

As I see it, there are 5 core trends and events that have led up to the formation of IQToken, LLC. Thank you for your interest in our project and thank you for reading.

Net Neutrality Laws

On December…


We are enabling businesses and consumers to pay for a premium Internet experience, easily and globally. Find out more on our website -

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