AW LAB strengthens its loyalty with the integration of Fanize, the IQUII’s fan engagement platform

Sep 5 · 3 min read

The Digital Consulting Company, part of the Be Group, takes the brand towards a new level of loyalty thanks to the integration of the Fanize platform and new loyalty schemes that involve all the brand’s online and offline touchpoints.

ROME, 5th September. AW LAB, an international retailer part of the Bata group and a reference point for sneakers and urban sport-style multi-brand clothing, has chosen IQUII as a partner for the strengthening and evolution of the platform and the strategy linked to the loyalty, design and development program of the new AW LAB Club mobile application.

The project was born with the aim of creating a mobile touchpoint with an innovative User Experience, in line with the style of the brand and its communication, and which includes new engagement mechanisms.

The first step in developing the three-year agreement with IQUII, signed until 2021, was the implementation in the Fanize engine app, the proprietary Loyalty & Fan Engagement platform based on mission/reward and gamification logics and the development of the first mobile loyalty application of the brand. The integration of the platform allows AW LAB to activate new behaviors and involvement, understand the behavior and the different actions performed by users both digitally and physically, thus allowing the company to enrich and improve data acquisition, data enrichment processes and retention.

Through the app, available for iOS and Android, users will be constantly involved and encouraged to perform actions and interactions such as:

● instant win, live quizzes and surveys;

● treasure hunt through augmented reality;

● proximity interactions;

● member get member and referral link;

● other actions such as checking accounts and social actions, share and downloading content, reading QR codes;

● in-app purchases.

Thanks to these new additions, AW LAB is now able to recognize and reward not only the users who buy but also all those who show an interest in the brand through “active” behavior on the different digital and physical touchpoints, acting on the entire customer journey, thus transforming the process of loyalty from transactional to intentional.

Domenico Romano, AW LAB Head of Marketing and Communication, says “In AW LAB we believe that playing is a serious thing, just do it in style! And our app is the tool we give to all AW LAB Lovers to do it. New logic of gamification, augmented reality, constant interaction, make our new app the insertion tool to listen to our customers and together create unique experiences“.

Fabio Lalli, CEO of IQUII, says “We have invested a lot over the past two years developing Fanize, our Loyalty and Engagement platform, the result of the experience gained on projects in the Retail and Sport fields. With AW LAB we want to take our vision about Loyalty to a higher level to enhance the relationship with the clients in the long term, always integrating new features and mechanisms thought to generate an effective engagement for the final user and benefits for the whole ecosystem of partners involved in the programme. We are extremely happy to be able to work with a brand with a unique style”.


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IQUII is a Digital Company specializing in native mobile iOS and Android apps, Wearables & IoT, Social Media, integrated marketing and digital PR.

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