The Fondazione Cortina 2021 and IQUII together for the Alpine Ski World Championships

The collaboration between IQUII, Digital Company part of Be Group, and the Fondazione Cortina 2021 for the storytelling of the Alpine Ski World Championships and of all the events and initiatives that accompany it, are starting

CORTINA, January 30. In a context of continuous transformation and evolution, the Sport Digital Transformation is radically influencing processes and methods of sports clubs, offering them important technological tools able to change both the way of communicating and thinking about sport and how to use them in terms of experience.

In the sport industry, while clubs and brands are increasingly looking for new ways to generate business, innovation soon becomes the focus of targeted marketing strategies, with enthusiasts, the continuous request for new experiences and greater involvement, at the center of strategic vision.

This is the shared vision at the base of the 54th edition of the Alpine Ski World Championships, one of the most important events in the winter sports universe, to be held in Cortina from 8 to 21 February 2021 and to which IQUII will participate in quality of Official Digital Provider, supporting the Fondazione Cortina’s strategic and digital activities.

The collaboration is based on two main lines:

  • the first is strategic, with the creation of a Media Hub to support digital communication and the story of the World Championships and all the events that will accompany it during the three years;
  • the second is technological, with the creation of an integrated and multi-channel Sport Platform able to involve the user before, during and after the event becoming a hub for gathering, analyzing and sharing information to strengthen the level of involvement of fans and enable new business opportunities.

Moreover, thanks to the support of Juniper, a company part of Be Group, specialized in platforms and solutions for the management of sporting events, it was possible to integrate the accreditation platform into the sport platform, to complete the range of services offered.

The partnership with the Fondazione Cortina 2021, the official organizer of the Alpine Ski World Championships, makes us very proud. We accepted the challenge of this project with the aim of repositioning the brand and building a new sports business model, in line with our vision and our skills. With the introduction of a centralized platform for sponsorship, engagement and marketing strategies, we are aiming to build an effective model capable of supporting the growth and development of Cortina 2021 for the next three years. We are convinced that this path will help us to grow further and in a more and more transversal way, expanding our knowledge in a new sector like that of Alpine skiing.

- Fabio Lalli, CEO of IQUII

Therefore, the collaboration that aims to narrate Cortina 2021 starts today, with a three-year storytelling through events and initiatives dedicated to alpine skiing lovers, highlighting the sporting aspects, the enhancement of the territory and business opportunities for all players involved.

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