9 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Every generation requires a shift in how brands target and research their audience. However, none more so than the Millennial generation. Millennials, which include more than 79 million people between the ages of 21 and 38, are now the largest generational segment in the United States. Their purchasing power, ability to influence their peers and reliance on technology makes them an important generation to consider when marketing your brand and products.

Millennials are a difficult generation to market to due to the fact that they do not respond well to traditional marketing strategies or tactics. In order to seize this opportunity, it’s crucial to understand what makes this audience unique before trying to reach them through typical marketing tactics.

To win — and keep — their attention, marketing campaigns must be fun and engaging. Millennials are quick to change their mind, so maintaining their engagement with your brand is equally as important as attracting them in the first place.

Below are nine tips for how to reach them with your marketing:

  1. Think beyond the typical ways of advertising
    Millennials are by far the most tech-savvy generation, and you should assume that every claim and headline will be researched and checked online and within their social networks. (check out our post on Doing ‘Native Advertising’ Right)
  2. A great digital experience is critical
    Millennials expect that they should be able to use multiple devices and methods when interacting with your brand. If you’re not thinking about mobile, social, apps, and the overall user-experience they will leave you for someone that does.
  3. Meet them where they are
    Don’t just rely on your own channels and website. Take time to understand your Millennial audience and develop a strategy to be present and relevant where they are spending their time. To be successful, you must be proactive and go to them. (check out our post on How to Evaluate Your Media Plan)

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