December 2016: readlist

Superconsumers: A simple, Speedy and sustainable path to superior growth

Definitely one of the most interesting marketing read of that year. The theory focuses on the most efficient consumers which plays against the idea that you need to expand your reach to build your brand. To the opposite the theory here is to work from a few super consumers to grow your business.

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Man’s search for meaning

One of the most profound read I made that year. As I wanted to embark on a reading journey a friend advised it to me. It’s a powerful story that gets you right inside and can’t help humbling the reader into its limited own humanity. It is impossible to ask ourselves what would I do? What would my friend do in such horrific moments when humanity is gone.

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Chaos Monkeys

Just as I was joining Facebook a friend suggested me the read, so I did. I never heard about that book before. Overall a very romantic view of one guy’s experience. Throughout the book, the character comes up as selfish and sexist, someone who values personal gains over friends and girlfriends over parental responsibilities. This weakens the credibility of his overall experience within the broader organisation. It’s an entertaining read but so far from reality.

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