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The case for structured refugee resettlement in Europe

Structured resettlement is a choice for people and for progress, and a choice that will give Europe more.

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Sep 7, 2016 · 5 min read

The challenge

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The response

Now is the time to act — and here’s why:

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Because with resettlement as an option, fewer vulnerable refugees will be forced to take dangerous routes to Europe.

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Because refugees who are resettled are helped to find work, to start their own businesses and to lay down roots.

Because we can decide which refugees to accept, we can decide when and how they get to Europe, and we can decide how they are supported once they are within our borders.

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Because by taking refugees from countries neighbouring conflict or strife, we free up resources there.

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Because by implementing refugee resettlement at scale Europe would be leading the way in finding structured, humane and long-term solutions to the global refugee crisis.

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