A Look Back at 2015

Sometimes it hard to picture the work we do.

Depicting democracy and freedom though photos and simple words can be difficult. We get lost in the world of long term projects, hours of trainings and forget to see the small victories.

Today we take time to look back at the victories we have seen in 2015. Below are some of the photos of the people we have met, the events we have seen and our work worldwide. We also take time to remember that this year’s successes are the successes of the courageous people we support and is thanks to the hard work of our talented volunteers and our dedicated staff.

Empower Program

The Empower program is designed to bolster the civic, professional, and political skills of women from government-designated “poverty pockets” within Jordan. Armed with new skills and a new sense of purpose, traditionally disenfranchised women are now thoroughly engaged in community affairs. They are organizing local governance initiatives, directly advocating for their rights and sharing their concerns with government officials, opening small businesses, and in some cases planning to run for elected office.

Generation Democracy

Launched in September, Generation Democracy has already grown to more than 200 youth organizations representing 66 countries in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Work with Women in Kenya

IRI in conjunction with the NDI and the Kenya Women Parliamentary Association an event was held in celebration of women’s leadership from across Kenya. The one day event highlighted the good work of women leaders and demonstrated the deep talent pool of aspiring women candidates for Kenya’s next general election in 2017. Participants urged Kenya’s political party and coalition leaders in attendance to reform their internal processes to ensure that women have greater opportunity to hold political party leadership posts and have equal access to compete alongside men in candidate nomination contests.

By Morgan Martinez | Deputy Director, Communications | @MorganLMartinez

Originally published at www.democracyspeaks.org.

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