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On Friday, 13th March 2020, the Kenyan government reported the 1st positive case of the Corona Virus in Kenya. Many parts of the world had been ravished by the deadly virus and to some extent, it seemed a matter of when rather than if. The briefing was short, simple and to the point. …

Agnes & Musembi Kinako (Neema Hospital Kitui)

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Musembi & Agnes Kinako are beneficiaries of the Advanced Entrepreneurship Program (AEP) conducted by ISBI Institute at Strathmore University Business School. The couple, are co-founders and co-directors of Neema Hospitals, which was founded 28 years ago. Most recently in 2018, Agnes and Musembi opened Neema Annex as a result of the growing demand for quality and affordable medical services.


Neema Hospital previously began as a small clinic in Kitui town in 1991. Musembi Kinako who is a trained medical practitioner was working at a government institution, before venturing into private practice. …

In business we face challenges every day, some appear harder to solve than others. Thinking smarter will help us through these. You know what won’t? Naïve positivity or indifference. A clear challenge is COVID-19 which is very, very real, and we need to deal with it in reality. On the other side we have excessive negativity and doom, which won’t do any of us any good.

We need to be realistic, have solid plans in place, and look for the opportunities. During the AEP alumni entrepreneurs’ webinar we discussed challenges as well as opportunities that we are faced with during economic recessions (such us the impeding one due to the COVID-19 situation). Challenges that came out clearly are; debt collection, employee management, integrity and survival. …

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