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ASP.NET Development is one of the best web application development frameworks that is made by Microsoft. To develop any web application, you need to understand the nature of the business so that you can effectively deploy the suitable application that will cater for the needs of that business, secondly, you need to select the best technology platform for the development process.

ASP.NET development services are most effective when they are used alongside application monitoring and performance tools such as profiler, this combination makes ASP.NET Development a more powerful solution for building incredible apps.

Having talked about this, let us proceed to the top 7 features that make ASP.NET your ultimate choice for web application development.

7 Features to Build Awesome Applications with Asp.Net Development Services

1. High performance

Performance is a critical feature of any software, with the advent of ASP.NET core and the Kestrel web server, ASP.NET is advertised as one of the best web application frameworks in terms of speed. You can visit TechEmpower to view the benchmark scores when ASP.NET is matched head to head with other web application frameworks.

2. Cross-platform & container support

Since the introduction of the .NET core platform, ASP.NET applications can now be created and deployed to platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS. With the help of Microsoft and its community, Linux has become a first class citizen for the smooth running of ASP.NET development services.

Containers are consuming the clouds these days. Docker, Kuberenetes and other technologies have broken loose. ASP.NET Solutions avails developers the opportunity to utilize all these new technologies, it is worthy of note that Microsoft Azure even has support for deploying your application to containers and kubernetes.

3. Unified MVC & Web API frameworks

Before ASP.NET core was developed, developers were fond of the common MVC and Web API frameworks. MVC was designed to specifically create web applications that served up HTML while Web API was designed to create RESTful services using JSON or XML.

ASP.NET core Solutions also extends the MVC framework so that encapsulating the controller and model aspects of a page together with two-way binding will be feasible. They serve as a sort of replacement for WebForms while using the conventional Razor syntax.

4. WebSockets & SignalR

ASP.NET has exclusive support for WebSockets. This can be used especially when running long connections and seamlessly communicate back and forth with the browser. SignalR is a full framework that is also available for making it easy to handle common scenarios.

SignalR can be put to heavy use for instance when viewing the current monitoring data of one of your servers, each time new data is received, it is immediately pushed to the browser so that you can see it in real time.

5. “Self-hosted” Web Applications

Self-hosted ASP.NET web applications can be created in so many different ways, with the .NET you can accomplish it by using Owin, WCF or Nancy for Prefix, and you can use ASP.NET Web API with Owin. You can also use the standard Kestrel web server. A major advantage of the .NET core is that your web application is essentially a console application with IIS always in front of it as a reverse proxy. What this means is that you can also deploy your app only with kestrel for non-server based use cases, like Prefix.

6. Model Binding — Isolating the Web Form from the Model

The Model binding capability of the ASP.NET 4.5 enables you to develop Web forms that are totally independent of the Model that populates the view. The best advantage of using Model Binding in ASP.NET is that you can seamlessly test the methods unit by unit. In ASP.NET support for model, binding is provided through the usage of the ‘System.Web.ModelBinding’ namespace. This namespace contains value provider classes like Control Attribute, QueryStringAttribute, etc. All these classes are derived from the Value Provider Source Attribute class.

7. Globalization and Localization

ASP.NET makes localizing dates numbers and text within your web application very easy. If you want your application to be accepted globally, localization is your best option. With ASP.NET, customizing your application for multiple languages can be done using resourceful files. These files are considered to be a central repository where all the texts are kept and webpages can read this and populate label.


Microsoft ASP.NET Solutions is a widely used development framework for building enterprise level web applications and every developer loves to work with it. it offers a bunch of benefits for various challenges like memory management, security, and exceptional handling, a developer may face. The above-mentioned features are exclusive to ASP.NET, So are you a developer, or have you missed out on these features, it is never too late to get started with this next generation platform.


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