What are the qualities of a great scrum master?

Before you start searching for a great scrum master, you need to first understand why do you need a scrum master (in case you’re not convinced already). There might be more than one question in your mind, for example, can a scrum master manage multiple teams? Aren’t the roles of product owner and scrum master overlapping? Can a project manager perform the role of a scrum master?

We’ll answer your questions and then tell you of all the qualities that you must seek in a scrum master.


Why do you need a scrum master?

The scrum master manages the scrum aspect of development. Their daily routine consists of facilitating the daily stand-up meetings, protecting the team from interruptions during the sprint, work on any challenges that the team members might be facing, directing the product owner, encouraging collaboration between the product owner and scrum team and arranging for sprint reviews and sprint planning sessions.

Can a scrum master manage multiple teams?

There is no right or wrong answer to that but one an ideal situation will be if the scrum master manages one team at a time. Managing a single team in an agile project is a full-time and critical job.

Aren’t the roles of product owner and scrum master overlapping?

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