Why is outsourcing software QA a great idea for your organization?

The cost of bugs and failed applications can prove to be damaging for your enterprise. Outsourcing software testing is a great enabler to build market ready services and products for your organization.

You are probably aware that software QA is one of the most ignored areas that software development projects suffer from. Reasons like lack of specialized testing resources and the urgency to deliver the software project are some of the top reasons for software to be released with bugs. Outsourcing software QA might be a viable option, not only as a measure of cost cutting but also to achieve better business objectives. The cost of fixing a bug in a software that has been released to the client can be highly costly.

outsourcing software testing

Since this post is about outsourcing software testing to specialists, I will reiterate some of the benefits of doing so (and some things that you might be aware of already).

· Improved quality and productivity

Software organization typically tend to get the software tested from other software development teams. This is where bugs tend to slip by. The thought that the unbiased analysis of one team will help the other team was the idea behind getting the software tested from other teams. However, software developers are not software testers. Software testers are specialists and they can think from the end user and real-user perspective. They are also unaware of the common pitfalls and bugs in applications.

Outsourcing QA services can help you to add value to your software and make it bug-free from an end-user perspective.

· Faster testing results

If you outsource your QA process, you will be dealing with testing stalwarts who can finish the testing process in a complete manner and within shorter turnaround time. The outsourcing software companies use multiple testing models and can perform testing on your software or application in an efficient, thorough and comprehensive manner.

· Deeper understanding of latest trends

Things change rapidly in the tech world and software testing is no exception. Future forward outsourcing software testing providers are updated with the latest QA trends. They are also aware and use industry’s best and proven tools and technologies.

· QA Automation

In an interview to Insights Success, Rishi Khanna, CEO of ISHIR, said, “With the device fragmentation era, automation testing and ensuring a seamless multi-device app is one of the most critical things that we are focusing on. We have several clients whose bottom line is getting impacted due to mobile app bugs or a mobile app not updated for the latest OS”.

Not everybody is a pro at automated testing, and hence, it makes sense to outsource QA to an experienced and established QA services provider with hand-on experience in automated testing.

· Early identification of risks (major as well as minor)

If you’re able to detect bugs early in the software lifecycle, you can save a massive cost of fixing defects later. If you partner with outsourcing software testing company, they will be able to identify issues early in the project lifecycle. QA process must be agile to save the cost as defects get bigger as the project progresses.

· Secure code

Reliable outsourcing software testing companies prefer to be compliant and meet the global regulatory requirements. They are sensitive towards security, breach of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and security of the code that comes in for testing.

There are some factors that you may consider if you wish to partner with a trusted outsourcing QA services provider.

· You need to evaluate their industry experience

· Enquire if they offer staff augmentation approach (if you have a short-term project) and managed service (if you have a long-term project)

· Assess your organizational cultural compatibility

· Check if they use the agile development approach

· Ask for references

· Check how do they innovate and invest in future technologies

· Ensure that they provide API testing, performance testing and functional testing in addition to the widely used testing methodologies

· Inquire about their client communication protocol and tools

· Talk to them about IoT testing and emerging technologies

· Ask them about the strength of their testing team

· Assess their training programs to understand how they keep their people updated with the new technologies

· Research their reviews and reputation

In a competitive market, the user expectations from your software/application/ product is to be robust, high quality and fast. Your challenge is to delivery those expectation within lower cost of ownership, improved quality, and higher speed to market. Given the requirements, outsourcing QA services sounds like a great option to us. If you still have questions, our skillful, expert, experienced and knowledgeable testers will be happy to chit-chat with you.