Meet the winners of the 2016 Iowa State Innovation Pitch Competition

By Diana Wright, ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship

Standing up and talking in front of a crowd is deemed as the biggest fear for most. But that didn’t seem to be the case for more than 30 students who pitched at the fifth annual Iowa State Innovation Pitch Competition. Students shared their ideas, crafted in a 90-second elevator pitch to a panel of judges for the chance to win up to $1,000 in cash prizes. Let’s meet the winners…

Best Overall Pitch, sponsored by Renewable Energy Group:

Pictured: Nate Green from REG awards the big check to Heidi Kalb, junior in global resource systems at Iowa State.

Rejuvafruit is a service that collects and dehydrates unwanted produce from grocery stores and farms, turning it into a delicious product. Heidi Kalb, junior studying global resource systems represented and pitched for Rejuvafruit. She is joined by three other women studying global resources systems at Iowa State: Emily Zagula, Katherine Cummings, and Paige Myers.

Learn more about Rejuvafruit and their upcoming Food For Thought Challenge:

Best New Business Idea, sponsored by Workiva:

Pictured: Daniel Plantamura, senior studying business management receives the big check awarded by Dave Tucker with Workiva.

Swim101 Social Media Consulting is the brainchild of Daniel Plantamura. Dan has successfully launched three other swim-based ventures, including Swimfluence, a lifestyle subscription box service for competitive swimmers. His latest venture is to consult with well-known swim companies, proven from his own experience in growing a social media following to over 1 million followers. Dan is a senior at Iowa State studying business management.

Best New Innovation, sponsored by Ames Economic Development Commission:

Pictured: Drew Kamp with AEDC awards the big check to Jakub Hladik, junior in computer engineering, and Tim Lindquist, junior in electrical engineering.

Drone Controller is a building a better flight control experience for drone users by using their own hand movements instead of a conventional remote control. The team is made up of Tim Lindquist, junior studying electrical engineering and Jakub Hladik, junior in computer engineering at Iowa State. They recently came off of a big win at HackISU and now from the Innovation Pitch Competition! Learn more on how they built it at:

Best Social Venture, sponsored by ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship

Pictured: Diana Wright with the ISU Pappajohn Center awards the big check to Locky Catron, senior studying agriculture business.

Artisan Farm Hub is a specialty butcher shop that connects the farmers to consumers in the Kansas City market. Artisan Farm Hub differentiates itself by offering custom slaughtered services for farmers anywhere between a CSA to a large meat packer. The key to their business is their USDA approved mobile slaughtering unit that drives to the farm and packages the meat to then be sold to consumer markets. Pitching the idea is Locky Catron, senior in agriculture business at Iowa State.

Sponsors and judges

Special thanks to the judges which represented their company and helped sponsor the competition. We appreciate all of your support over the past 5 years for student entrepreneurs!

Nate Green, Senior Manager of Corporate Business Development at Renewable Energy Group

Dave Tucker, VP of Engineering at Workiva

Drew Kamp, Director of Governemnt Relations and Director of Story County Community Outreach at the Ames Economic Development Commission

ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship

Iowa State University College of Business

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