Anonymous Writing on the Net and Deniable Attribution

When posting on the net to maintain your privacy while talking on topics that can be racially, politically, or gender charged, one should always use protection to keep your privacy (VPN, Tor, Pseudonym) but mostly be a great lie teller in real life should your exploits be exposed by a loved one which is the greatest risk of you being tracked down.

Using a VPN hides your IP address making it nearly impossible for a service to give up your real IP address should they ever be requested by a government official or themselves be offended by something. I find most women will leak your info in a second if you write rape humor. Might be hurtful to say to a rape victim but it is funny as hell as an inside joke among friends. For things like this VPN is normally enough to keep the average feminist from leaking your info, just make sure your lady friends never associate your online and offline identities. Keep them compartmentalized and keep your mouth shut.

If know how to speak multiple languages it would be best to write in a language you do not speak everyday and Google translate your potentially offensive articles so it becomes hard to analyze your grammar or writing patterns. Read this article? Sounds normal? But I wrote it in the language I speak daily at work and afterwards I Google translated to English. Further I used a text *spinner to make it 80% different from how it came out of Google translate. A few corrections and the NSA will not have a clue or at least that clue will put them on to someone else.

Anonymous the groups. Stupid internet trolls that will try to track you down and flame you more than any government ever will. Social engineering only will keep them off of you. Make sure when you post you leave room for denial and play stupid. They will normally go away after making stupid threats or attempting to hack your email account (just use 2-factor) on your gmail and they are powerless. Leave hints that are you but not you and they will never be sure enough to act. Plausible denial will leave them dead in their tracks. At the end of the day these are just kids and unlike psychopaths they normally will not act unless they are certain. At the end of the day whatever they do you can turn to SEO for you, ride off of it and reform it. It can increase your profits, search ranking, and visits if you are well protected from the only force they have DDOS to harass writers and bloggers. Don't ever write against the opinions of *Anonymous* if you cannot afford protection and have not left breadcrumbs of denial to confuse them. You could end up with thousands if not millions of natural links making your site rank higher.

Never upload pictures from your mobile phone without removing exif data or you will be identifiable. Its best never to post pictures or only use pictures freely available on google search.

Tor is absolutely useful but totally not necessary. If you have a good VPN or two and maybe use an internet cafe or a borrowed WiFi like I am here, it will be impossible for anyone to positively identify you. No identity means no action or complaints against you. Anything else just deny and act confused. This tactic is most effective because people are essentially trusting, stupid, and wanting to believe you are a good person. If they didn't business would be impossible in this world.

Lastly, send contacts to your Gmail for email or a social profile if you want to keep open communication and develop a consistent following. Though Google or Facebook lesser websites need not withstand trivial DDOS attacks. They will give up before they start. Taking down Facebook is nearly impossible so it is safe to lead back to your pseudonym.

End of Rant