Love & Hate: Swedish Whores

I have traveled most of the world but of the biggest self made whores I have met is in my home country, Sweden. Germany, France, the women are absolute *empowered* whores, but none come close to the mindless strong headed n***** loving whores you find in Sweden. Be she a wife, a daughter, or girlfriend. Swedish women have reached the lowest of the low in levels of relationship loyalty of just about any country I know. They call it sexual freedom and empowerment. But drunk fu***** strangers at the bar or x10 on vacation doesn't seem like power to me, unless power equals whoredom.

Feminist non thinking Nazis creating a socialist bankrupt utopia. It is fitting that some Swedish men and now immigrants are putting them in their place! I find it hard to believe all the rape stories since rape is also *regret* after they choose to drink and get gang-banged. I have had too many over the years to believe the news. It is a hard reality to reach. My mother was a whore, my sisters are whores, and every woman around me are whores playing secret Emmanuel lives.

Vote SD blame it on you know who and have fun till this system breaks and strong men of Sweden take it back.

**Please if you find this offensive understand this is just an imaginary article. Not about real Sweden or real Swedish Whoredom. This is satire. Yeah. I love strong Swedish womanhood.